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The writers essays are complemented by an example of their hitherto unpublished creative writing, in the form of short stories and poems. A treatise on Tamil poetics illustrated with a narrative poem. Edited with elaborate notes in Tamil by T. English introd. The poem illustrates the rules of the treatise, for it contrives to string together into a single narrative the various situations envisaged in the shorter love poems of classical Tamil literature of the Sangam age. Elaborate notes in Tamil by the editor elucidate the text, which is preceded by introductions in English and in Tamil.

Dalit literature: my experience. Edited by Kannan M. Classical Tamil is one of the richest of all human accomplishments. For modern Tamil, it is potentially an inexhaustible resource of ideas, syntax, and vocabulary. Modern Tamil has built upon the edifice of its classical literature. Much that is characteristic of modern Tamil - its use of vocabulary, its perspective, its tone - can be traced to an extent to the classical literature. The articles in this volume, by eminent Tamil scholars, attempt to highlight the research methodologies needed to explore the relationships between past and present, between classical and modern Tamil.

This electronic edition of the Tamil text, furnished with many maps, MP3 audio files and a complete English rendering by the late V. Language: Tamil, English, French. ISBN: This volume is the outcome, independent, extended and enlarged, of an international conference, Dialects in Tamil held on August th at the French Institute of Pondicherry. Dialects in Tamil emerge from a configuration of the following elements shared by people: caste, region, landscape and the material culture which sustains them This book is arranged in sections with the idea that rays of light from different fields will fall on the single subject before us.

The order in which the sections are arranged indicates how the problematic of dialects in Tamil has been addressed in different contexts by international scholars to linguists to Tamil creative writers. This arrangement also underlines the holistic, multidisciplinary approach undertaken in this volume. Tamil papers contain English abstracts and vice versa, so that both Tamil and English readers can benefit from the volume. Keywords : dialects, Tamil, literature, linguistics Nar r in ai : text and translation.

Translated by N. Kandasamy Pillai; presented by V. Arasu, Kannan M. ISBN: This English translation of a classical Tamil Cankam text by a Tamil scholar who worked at the Indology Department of the French Institute of Pondicherry from to is a rare example of a linguistic translation meant for beginners and foreign students. A true Tamil scholar, the author does not conceal the actual obscurities in the text, but puts forward new readings and original suggestions.

A few notes underline his musical fervour and his empathy for the region of Tanjavur where he situates certain poems. This publication gives occasion, moreover, forever, for the publishers to pay homage not only to N. Kandasamy Pillai himself but also to a generation of Tamil scholars, who were not professional Tamil Pulavars and had other occupations but who nevertheless shared a genuine passion for the language and its literary monuments, amongst whom N. Kandasamy Pillai was one of the most versatile. Keywords : classical Tamil, Cankam, Nar r in ai, English translation.

Proceedings of a Workshop in honour of T. Gopal Iyer. CI n English Rs A presentation of the life and work of T. Gopal Iyer, along with his bibliography, is followed by essays. After a general introduction by Eva Wilden, Thomas Lehmann gives a survey of the types of commentary found in Tamil. Jean-Luc Chevillard addresses the interaction between scholastic Sanskrit and Tamil.

Vijayavenugopal, Eva Wilden and A. Dhamodharan deal with the genre of grammatical and poetological commentaries. Martine Gestin explores the possibilities of retrieving social and anthropological information from a poetological commentary. Gopal Iyer , T. Gangadharan and T. Rajeswari write about literary commentaries. Varadadesikan introduces the genre of Vaishnava theological exegesis and, finally, Sascha Ebeling characterises the neo-commentaries of the 19th century. Keywords : Tamil literature, exegesis, philology Deep Rivers: selected writings on Tamil literature.

Translated from French by M. An impressive range of topics is covered here from studies of Can kam literature and devotional texts of the Tamil Bhakti traditions to contemporary Tamil novels and short stories. Many of the essays include an overview of French Indological work over past three centuries made available to the English speaking scholarly world for the first time here. While the author urges European and American scholars of Tamil history and culture to take the intellectual discourses of Tamil scholarship seriously, he insists at the same time that Tamil not be ghettoized but should rather be read alongside texts in other South Indian languages, with reference to the evidence of epigraphy, numismatics, archaeology and art history.

Keywords: classical, contemporary Tamil studies, translation, French Indology Indology Passages : relationship between Tamil and Sanskrit. Edited by Kannan. The history of South Asia is in a large measure the story of the interaction of the Dravidian and Indo-Aryan languages and their cultures. All the articles presented in this book offer testimony to the plurality, multiculturalism, multilingualism, bilingualism which has animated the two living classical languages of India; parallel streams which have gone on influencing and nourishing each other throughout the centuries.

These testimonies provide some lessons and questions for the present younger generation of students and scholars on both sides. Keywords :Tamil literature, Sanskrit literature, Indian literature, South Asian studies, comparative literature Tamil Dalit literature: my own experience. Edited and translated by David C. Buck, Kannan M. ISBN: Until the past twenty or thirty years, Dalit people in India, traditionally the recipients of some of India s worst discrimination and oppression, did not have much of a literary voice.

Now, however, there are voices representing millions of Dalits people who certainly do speak for themselves, but many of whom cannot write for themselves, and would not be published if they did. Some of those voices, translated from Tamil into English, are contained in this volume, along with an extensive introduction. Each of the nine Dalit authors collected here has. An annotated edition and translation by Will Sweetman with R.

CI n Language: English. The third section of this catalogue, consisting of entries covering works of Hindu and Jaina provenance, provides a fascinating insight into Tamil literary works in wide circulation on the eve of colonialism. The introduction assesses the character of Ziegenbalg s library in the context of the sources from which he obtained manuscripts. Will Sweetman s translation is then augmented by annotations which identify the works and comment on Ziegenbalg s view of them. A concluding chapter considers other Tamil works mentioned in Ziegenbalg s writings after Keywords: language, speech, philosophy Le vagabond et son ombre : G.

Includes an English introduction. ISBN: In GN s stories, for the first time in Indian literature, and extraordinarily in Tamil literature, we encounter a world of marginal hopeless human beings crawling like ants on a Mobius strip, evoid of any of the typical traditional Indian elements of transcendence or salvation. Here we are in a Tamil world which is totally devoid of metaphysics, not particularly Indian, where there is only the sky above everyone, secular to the core, in which we find human beings immersed in their quotidian happiness and miseries, floating around like the Meidosems of Henri Michaux, with their narrator observer swimming above them.

Keywords: Contemporary Tamil literature, G. The zooming alternates between the show of the popular festival and the challenge between a bull extraordinary and the lives and honor of two generations, father and son, of bull tamers. I am aware that I introduce you into a new world. Chellappa, preface.

Keywords: contemporary Tamil literature, C. Edited and translated by Kannan M. Buck and D. An Anthology of Poems from Classical Tamil. Translated and annotated by George L. ISBN : original. It is one of the seminal works of classical India and contains poems that are among the finest ever written in India or anywhere else. It strives for scrupulous accuracy while keeping the felicity and poetic quality of the Indology can be striking and sublime, but even more, their evocation of life years ago in all its aspects rings true.

They left behind a world that lives and breathes, one that, through their poems, we can enter and experience as if it were our own. Translated from Tamil by David C. Buck and K. Paramasivam, , xxxv, p. In so doing he lays out the prescribed conventions that govern the composition and appreciation of akam, or interior poems often called love poems and their literary contexts, as well as the critical apparatus that has structured commentaries by classical Tamil scholars down through the centuries, including the current era. This translation was done collaboratively by David C.

Buck and the late K. Paramasivam, and originally published in The revised edition revisits notes from the first edition, and includes a new Introduction that brings the work up to date and places the Tamil original more firmly in its historical context. Its poets were able to imbue virtually every poem with life by their striking use of images, their use of suggestion, their often uncanny sense of the feelings of the characters they portray, their intricate descriptions of flora and fauna, and their evocation of places, personages and events.

Their use of imagery. Edition critique, traduction et introduction par Madeleine Biardeau. Dating back to the 9th century A. D, a time of great achievements in the schools of Indian metaphysics, the Tattvabindu presents the state of learning on the subject in a way that is rich with historical and philosophical information. The text attempts to confront the problematic of knowledge transmission from a psychological perspective. It explains the manner in which sounds articulated by the speaker are understood by the listener and given meaning, but it also deals with the totality of the problems raised by language in the context of Indian philosophy, the problem of the nature of language and the nature of reality.

Keywords: language, speech, philosophy Etudes sur le vocabulaire du R gveda. Louis Renou, , 71 p. PIFI n 5. Language: French, Sanskit. Suzanne Siauve, , vi, p. Bhatt, [1st ed. Language: Sanskrit, French. The voluminous explanatory notes that accompany the original Sanskrit texts list the variants, and the translation in French provides additional details in square brackets, adding, in particular, transcriptions of the various scales. An index is included.

Bhatt avec la collaboration de T. Ramanujam, , p. Texte avec traduction et notes par Suzanne Siauve, , ix, p. The latter opines that all ancient scriptures speak only of Vis n u and of his innumerable qualities. He makes use, in his commentary, of all the resources of learned exegesis, including etymological interpretations, to demonstrate that Vis n u is indeed the first meaning of all Vedic names.

L ouvrage original de Bharata sur la musique. The interest of the study is threefold: historical, linguistic and musicological. It is characterized by extreme technical clarity, a total. The present translation in French derives from the only known manuscript of the text. The book includes an appendix and index. Edition critique par N. Bhatt, Vol. Filliozat, reprint ed. II : , xxxiv, p. III : Introduction et notes par N. Bhatt, , cv, p. Volume III : Rs The text, as it has come down to us, comprises two parts and has been edited in the first two volumes of this publication.

The first volume of the book contains an introduction in French, the second in Sanskrit and the third in English and Sanskrit. Bhatt, , xvi, p. Language: Sanskrit. French introd. I: , xv, p. II: , vii, p. III: , xxvii, p. The first volume presents the first thirty-five chapters of the treatise, which concern the lin ga, its varieties, its installation, its worship etc.

The book includes introductions in Sanskrit and French. This Sanskrit treatise from South India, extremely concise, is accompanied here by a French translation and an extensive commentary in the form of notes, as well as a large number of introductions. Traduction, introduction et notes par Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat, , xxiii, p.

Texte, traduction et notes par Pierre-Sylivain Filliozat, , 57, p. The majority of his work deals with spiritual themes. This publication presents ten of his poetical works in Sanskrit, accompanied by a translation into French. A rich introduction in French is devoted to the author and his works. Suzanne Siauve, , p. Also freely downloadable from the IFP s website. The entire history of Vedanta is characterized by the struggle between the dualist and non-dualist movements. However, after emphasizing the irreversible difference between God and the world, Madhva, as if to compensate for this apparent rupture, proclaims that all beings other than the One Being are dependent on the latter; only God depends on none other than himself.

The originality of the system of Madhva lies in giving a new turn to the relationship between the Being and beings. Only the Being is capable of creating beings different from himself and totally dependent upon him. God allows all reality to be, and to be what it is. Edition critique, traduction et notes par B. ISBN: The first complete critical edition and translation of the Mayamata, one of the most famous Sanskrit treatises dealing with architecture and iconography, this book comprises the first Sanskrit-French glossary of architectural terms.

The Mayamata was written in the Tamil region during the Chola period ca. The book comprises explanatory drawings and an analytical table of contents. Shukla, , x, p. Textes choisis et traduits par Suzanne Siauve, , p. Language: French, Sanskrit. The present volume comprises passages from the last chapters of the text in which the personal reflections of the author can be distinguished from the exegesis.

These passages deal with the doctrine of the hierarchy of the gods, one of the essential doctrines of Madhva s theology. In a polytheist environment, questions must be answered concerning the status and role of the gods, as well as the degree of surrender that a true devotee must demonstrate. The understanding of the hierarchy, which reconciles the existence of multiple gods and the unique supremacy of Vis n u, is one of the surest ways of salvation. This Sanskrit text on Dvaita philosophy is accompanied with a French translation and introduction.

The prosodic constraints imposed by this dual reading result in stylistic obscurity: accumulation of monosyllables, usage of rare terms etc. To overcome the principal difficulties in comprehension, the author has himself prepared a commentary in which he explains the vocabulary, grammatical constructions and stylistic devices used. The book contains the Sanskrit text as well as a translation and study in French.

Neelakanta Sarma ; introduction par J. Filliozat, , xi, p. Language: Sanskrit,Tamil French introd. Indology In Thailand and in Cambodia are found a community of so-called Brahmans specializing in the art of performing Hindu rites during official religious functions. These manuscripts are in Grantha script, used for writing Sanskrit in Tamil Nadu, but modified both in form, for certain characters, and in usage, following Khmer and Siamese writing practices.

The book includes an introduction in French. Introduction, traduction et notes par Marie-Claude Porcher, , p. ISBN: Derived from the genre of campu a mixture of prose and poetry , the entire volume is presented as a dialogue between two celestial beings gandharvas , who traverse India from the north to the south flying in a celestial chariot. While one of them criticizes the citites, the inhabitants and the the gods, the other dwells on their qualities and the virtues. A large variety of the various types of simile are also employed. The book contains the French translation of the Sanskrit text.

Edition par M. Introduction et index par M. Narasimhacharya dans vol. X par P. ISBN Set : Grammar in India can be equated with the study of Sanskrit considered as Language par excellence , rigorous in research and description, and having attained the highest scientific level since antiquity. The present edition is intended to make available to readers all that has survived of these commentaries. Although they are numerous, they do not repeat each other but innovate.

An introduction in French and Sanskrit in the 1st and 10th volumes of the book highlights the most noteworthy points in these various texts.

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It has survived in the form of a large number of manuscripts and has been edited several times, proof of the interest that it has generated. This text, known from Gujarat to Bengal, is presented here with a translation in French and an index of the therapeutic formulas and their components. Traduction par Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat. This text, along with its older written commentaries and its modern oral commentaries, constitutes an important document of Indian intellectual culture.

The Uddyota was very innovative and signaled the beginning of the modern age of Indian grammar. The book does not contain the original Sanskrit texts. Bhatt, , lviii, p. The book contains the Sanskrit text with introductions in French and Sanskrit. Edition critique, traduction et notes par Suzanne Siauve, , viii, p. ISBN: A controversy of a theological nature on the divergences between the two major schools of Vais n avism in the South continues even to this day. The debate between the school of the North or vad agalai, founded on the Sanskrit tradition, and that of the South, or ten galai, which is partial to Tamil tradition, concerns the relations between divine grace and human endeavor and the nature of surrender to this grace on the part of the devotee.

It derives from the vad agalai school of thought and may have originated in the 19th century A. It is edited here with a French translation and introduction. Edition critique, traduction et notes par Bruno Dagens, , p. Bhatt, , clxiv, p.

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The book includes an introduction in Sanskrit and in French and an English summary of the introduction. Language: Sanskrit, Tibetan, French Rs Several of its manuscripts survive and the text was translated into Tibetan and Kuchean, signs of its popularity and wide spread. More a collection of recipes than a treatise, it explains, amongst other things: cures for fever, general therapeutics, care for the eyes, remedies for poisoning, for maladies attributed to demons, and for those that affect children, aphrodisiacs, elixirs of youth and purgatives.

The present volume is a critical edition of the Sanskrit text accompanied by the Tibetan version, which appears very faithful to the original, and a French translation. The book also contains a French introduction and an English summary of the French introduction. Sections de la doctrine et du yoga. Traduction, introduction et notes par Michel Hulin, , ix, p. It devotes a lot of space to various problems of logic and cosmology. It also includes a fairly elaborate refutation of rival philosophical schools, especially Jainism and materialism.

The book contains the French translation of the Sanskrit text with an introduction in French and a summary of the introduction in English. Bhatt, , cxli, p. The book contains the Sanskrit text with introductions in Sanskrit and French, and a summary of the introduction in English.

Edition critique, introduction et notes par N. Bhatt, , cxx, p. The present volume is a critical edition of twenty chapters transmitted in five manuscripts of the text. Section des rites et section du comportement. It had a considerable following, and a commentary was written upon it in the 10th century A. It has been much cited by teachers of both dualist and non-dualist schools. It deals solely with private worship and not public rituals in temples. An English summary is included. Catalogue descriptif des manuscrits. Preface: N.

Bhatt, , xxxviii, p. Bhatt, , xxiii, p. Varadachari, , xv, p. IV : Mss Editors F. Grimal and T. Language: Sanskrit, Tamil, English. It now consists of around bundles of palm-leaf manuscripts most of which are in Sanskrit language written in. The four volumes of the Descriptive catalogue of manuscripts in the French Institute of Pondicherry describe bundles of palm leaf manuscripts containing texts. Edition critique par M. Narasimhacharya, , p. No details are available about the author, as the text starts without the customary prayer or benediction. The present edition has been prepared on the basis of manuscripts collected from South Indian libraries.

Language: Sanskrit, French Rs The annotated translation is presented alongside the text. The introduction studies the six notions of dramaturgy based on primary sources that reveal the structure of such a play. The notes provide the principal teachings of other commentators. Two indices are devoted to metrics and to the terminology of dramaturgy and poetics respectively. ISBN: The present work is a first annotated edition of the oldest known commentary end of 12th or early 13th cent.

Bhandarkar and the text as it appears through the commentary of Harihara. A second appendix provides the list of variants of the play mentioned in the commentary. Three indices contain, respectively, the list of Prakrit and desi words and those in a vernacular language mentioned by Harihara; the list of citations made by him; and finally the list of terms that designate realia and various notions belonging to the domains of poetics, dramaturgy and erotic literature. It deems itself a treatise on installations. The present critical edition comprises of three volumes where the Sanskrit text is followed by a chapter-wise summary aimed at making the reading easier.

The first volume deals with mantras, installation of the main Linga in the temple and, and more importantly with architecture and iconography. The second is centred on rituals, mainly for the installation of statues. The third volume completes the main corpus with a long presentation of the annual temple festival. A critical edition by Harinarayana Bhat.

I : The commentary of Vis n ubhat t a. Language: Sanskrit, English. The commentary is exhaustive and erudite; it provides a thorough analysis of the structure of the play. Regards sur le lieu saint jaina. Christine Chojnacki. I: traduction et commentaire. In this book the author has undertaken a translation and commentary of the above text in French. The translation is based on the edition of Muni Jinavijaya for which 9 manuscripts were used.

The author has also consulted an additional previously unused manuscript preserved at the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin. I : Chapters Language: Sanskrit, English Rs Introduction, traduction et notes par B. Dagens et M. It deals with various subjects in 80 chapters: formation of mantras, daily rituals, temple festival, several ceremonies installation of images, funeral rites, initiations, atonements etc.

Between and , Pandit N. Bhat provided a critical edition of this huge corpus. A digital archive to the manuscripts in the French Institute of Pondicherry. Grimal, D. Goodall, N. Language: English, Sanskrit. The user can view on screen all the leaves and pages of these texts around images as well as search the data base through a search engine.

ISBN: theatre occupies the first place. Chapters 1 4, 7, I2 Only those chapters that deal with doctrine and yoga survive. Quotations from the text have been located in later literature, and a fully positive apparatus reports the readings of all sources. The book of examples: 40, entries for a text, F. Grimal, V. Venkataraja Sarma, V. Srivatsankacharya, S. The book of compound words, F. Venkataraja Sarma, S. Tingantaprakaran am 2. The Book of Conjugated Forms 2.

Consequently, each of the volumes of the dictionary, from the second on, corresponds to a prakaran a of that commentary. The first volume, entitled The Book of Examples, gives a simple and clear overview of the basic data embodied in all the examples. The Paninian grammar through its examples. An inquiry into Indian theories of verbal cognition. The sentence and its significance, , lviii, p. Case terminations and their significance, , xi, 69, p.

Nominal stems and their significance, , 51, p. Roots and Verbal Desinences: their Significance, , 46, p. Sathyanarayanan, S. Sarma, T. Ganesan, S. That celebrated twelfth-century theologian. Arranged around him in five concentric rings are anthropomorphic forms of the 11 mantras that are his heads and body-parts, then 8 souls that administer the universe, then 8 members of his family, the 10 divinities that protect the directions, and finally the anthropomorphised weapons of those protectors.

Annotation and a selection of photographs accompany the text. Language: English, French, German, Sanskrit. Peter Bisschop and Marion Rastelli throw light on connections between the tantric and puranic religious worlds. Iconography and tantric ideas that underly it is the subject of the article of Pierre- Sylvain Filliozat. Leslie C. Orr and Richard H. Davis combine the evidence of inscriptions and tantric literature to present what we know of the participants in South Indian temple festivals in medieval times. Tantric speculations about the alphabet, particularly its written form at the time of redaction of the scriptures of the Trika, is the focus of Somdev Vasudeva.

Ganesan, , xviii, p. Language: French Rs The last chapter extends beyond the martial story and deals with the succession of the epic hero and of the historical king. Some thirty stanzas add a third meaning, of theological character, to the two main ones. An introduction sheds light on the literary and historical context on the one hand, on the linguistic and rhetorical devices which generate polysemy on the other hand. The book is complemented with several appendices containing: another famous literary example of double entendre, a list of known inscriptions issued by the rulers who are referred to in the poem, and the text and the translation of one of the main epigraphs.

Two indices record all the polysemous words and all all those of historical or geographical purport. I: Chapters 1 to 13, Criticial edition S. II: Chapters 14 to 53, Criticial edition S. Dagens, M. Barazer- Billoret and T. Ganesan with the collaboration of J. The edition is based on the collation of eight paper manuscripts and is prefaced by an introduction both in English and in Sanskrit that gives a detailed summary of the edited text. The 2nd volume contains descriptions of a variety of rites and ceremonies concerning divinities and humans, mostly performed in the temple.

General editor Harekrishna Satapathy ; associate editors F. Grimal, S. Part 2: , xiii, p. A critical edition with introduction and an English translation of the stotra with notes by N. Unithiri, H. Bhat, S. Keywords: Vis n u, Stotra, Bhakti, devotional literature.

Furthermore, the method and style of his commentaries here reproduced and translated are in many ways emblematic of the style of early modern Sanskrit intellectuals. The literati who produced the works in these languages moved freely between domains that earlier Indological scholarship has tended to compartmentalise. The eleven studies presented in this volume strive to move beyond this narrow perspective and thus do justice to the richness and complexity of the cultural synthesis that took shape in South India in this period.

By looking at the articulation of identities, practices, Indology and discourses in texts of a range of genres composed in these essays supply a picture of South India in the medieval period that is unique in its historical depth and conceptual complexity and demonstrate innovative ways to investigate and problematise cross-cultural phenomena, while suggesting how much work yet remains to be done. Keywords: Sanskrit, Tamil, medieval, cultural and intellectual history, transculturation. ISBN IFP : This book presents a short philosophical treatise in which twenty rival theories of the liberated state moks a are introduced and countered, and a long, discursive commentary that explores and develops the arguments that the treatise advances or implies.

Presented here is a first critical edition of these interlinked works and a richly annotated English translation. A lightly annotated introduction lays out clearly the ideas that the edited texts expound. Volume 1. The topics dealt with include cosmology, rituals of worship and initiation, and forms of yoga. Critically edited from their 11th- and 12th-century Nepalese palm-leaf manuscripts with an Introduction and Notes by Diwakar Acharya. ISBN: The three works presented in this volume are hitherto unpublished texts of great significance for the early history of tantric Vais n avism, and we have grounds for supposing that they are older than any hitherto.

Their ritual makes profuse use of Vedic mantras, one of them even requiring the installation of Vedic hymns rather than tantric mantras! The first and third of these texts are transmitted to us in a single palm-leaf manuscript dated to Nepal Samvat AD , and the second in a slightly newer and undated one, both from the treasure trove of the National Archives, Kathmandu. This volume contains a first edition of these texts with a detailed introduction, including an English synopsis, along with text-critical notes and indices, as well as facsimiles of the manuscript leaves.

Volume II. Ramanuja Tatacharya. Ramanuja Tatacharya; associate editor S. Lakshminarasimham, xxi, p. Language: Sanskrit Rs It deals mainly with the meaning of roots and suffixes, and their relationship in conveying the meaning of the sentence. Part 1. Edited by K. ISBN :. The edition itself is prepared taking a 17th c. The present volume contains the first part of the work and is devoted to the meaning of roots and verbal suffixes which is at its heart. Fruits of a Franco-German project on Early Tantra. The principal works that have emerged from our stimulating project on Early Tantra are critical editions and translations of previously unpublished primary material, which have begun to appear in this new series.

This volume complements those publications by gathering together some of the fruits, direct and indirect, of the wide-ranging discussions that took place during the project s workshops. Associate Editor S. Keywords: Indian logic, avacchedakatva, commentary. Introduction, traduction et notes par Charlotte Vaudeville, , xxiv, p. Charlotte Vaudeville ; traduction en hindi par J. I: , xxii, p. II: , p. Language: Hindi. The present book, entirely in Hindi, is the translation of a study originally in the French language.

Avec introduction, traduction et notes par Charlotte Vaudeville, , , 23, [iii] p. Language: French, Old Marvari. It is a piece of popular literature, a love story with a lyrical aspect to the fore. The numerous and diverse adaptations of this legend in the north-western provinces bear witness to its success. The text presented here with a translation into French is based primarily on the recension of Bikaner. Charlotte Vaudeville, , xli, 99 p. Found in the vernacular literatures of the north of India, it proved immensely popular amongst the rural communities and continues to be orally transmitted through village songs.

The texts are accompanied by a French translation. Language: Bengali, French. Introduction et concordances par Charlotte Vaudeville, , xxv, p. His famous aphorisms were very probably transmitted from word to mouth for a long time prior to being committed to writing. Hence, the authenticity of. A table of concordances provides links between the various recensions. The book includes introductions in French and English. The book includes a summary in English.

A study in contemporary Kannada fiction. Robert J. It is the first doctoral dissertation about Kannada literature submitted at a university in the Western world. The book is an attempt at learning about the culture of Karnataka as reflected in contemporary Kannada fiction. It surveys Kannada fiction of the post-independence era, in the light of certain culturally specific themes. Through a literary analysis of 35 works, the author of the book has focused on such themes as Indian womanhood, aspects of Hinduism, its confrontation with other faiths, the implications of the caste system and so on.

The book contains elaborate summaries of the literary works discussed. This complete translation, the first into a European language, is accompanied by an introduction, notes, a bibliography and glossaries. Jean Filliozat, , ii, 60 p. PIFI n 2. Entretiens J. Monchanin, J. Filliozat, A. Contains : 1. Apophatisme et apavada - 4. L absolu dans le Bouddhisme , , 43 p. PIFI n 4. Dev Raj, , iv, p. PIFI n 7. Also Freely downloadable from the IFP s website. The book first presents all previous studies made on the problem of slavery and on slavery in India.

Thereafter it examines the antecedents of slavery in India using data provided by the Indus Valley civilization and the R gveda, the slavery in the period of the Buddha, the rules of slavery according to Kaut ilya and slavery as described in the epics. Keywords: slavery, history, society Tableau comparatif des intervalles musicaux. PIFI n 8. ISBN: Intervals characterizing musical notes, although clearly audible to the musician, are not easy to display graphically.

This is the reason why several, often contradictory, methods explaining the divisions in the octave through arithmetic tables have been used in China, in the Middle East and in Europe. These are presented here in the form of graphic tables and compared with the Indian system, which is based on expression rather than on graphic representation. To this end, the author has used contributions made by musicians from all corners of India. The resulting tables display, side by side, the principal intervals used or that are likely to be used in the various known systems. This not only represents a valuable source of information on display, side by side, the principal intervals used or that are likely to be used in the various known systems.

This not only represents a valuable source of information on comparative musicology, but is also useful for the synchronization of experimental instruments and the potential development of each system. Keywords: comparative musicology, musical intervals, tables La musique du Cambodge et du Laos. PIFI n 9. Rasik Vihari Joshi, , ix, p. It demonstrates how Kr s n a-worship has transformed Vedic ritual without severing formal ties with the Vedas, replacing prayer addressed to an impersonal Being with personal communion with Lord Kr s n a.

Keywords: ritual, bhakti, Kr s n a Garcin de Tassy. Sayida Surriya Hussain, , xx, p. He was interested primarily in the Muslim religion and the Urdu language. The present volume first gives a historical introduction to Indian studies in Europe in the 18thth centuries A. It then traces the career of this scholar and presents the entire range of his literary works in five parts: Hindustani language and literature, translations, sociology and Islamic studies, book reviews and obituaries, unpublished works.

Filliozat et P. Pattabiramin, , 31 p. Marguerite E. One of his principal duties is to protect the land. Purushottam Joshi. ISBN: This publication studies the factors of resistance to industrialization in North Indian society, which is that of a culture in transition from the traditional and pre-industrial to the industrial system. Following an introduction outlining the problems addressed, it speaks of the traditional social structure as an impediment to a better quality of life.

It then analyzes the factors of resistance or the causes of delay, ascribing these to the survival of the caste system. It examines the existing caste system from a psychological perspective, drawing attention to conceptions that entail, at the least, a lack of active cooperation with the efforts at industrialisation. It concludes with a study of the traditional system of attitudes and values with regard to industrialisation. Keywords: industrialisation, society, North India Uttarame ru r. Srinivasacharya, , , 72, vii p. Pattabiramin, Vol.

I : Andhra, , 19 p. ISBN Set: : The present publication presents a series of photographs of caves in South India that were transformed in the olden days into shrines or temples. It tries to complete the research already published on the subject and to inform archeologists outside of India about the interest of these cave-temples. These cave-temples bear testimony to the practice of converting caves into shrines not only prior to the appearance of constructed temples but also at much later periods.

The text and captions are in French. Keywords: archaeology, cave-temples, South India. Cordier in Volume 1 is composed of two parts. The first contains the historical account, including various reports of local administrators; the second is a statistical account composed of the physical description of the territory, census of population and the inventory of its resources agriculture, industry, trade, etc.

Volume 2 is devoted to various annexes dealing with specific surveys, such as notes on the 5 maganoms, notes on the 8 farm leases, and very detailed appendices corresponding to the different topics considered in the first volume. This minute enquiry, made at the village level, is a mine of exceptional information.

It can be considered as the first gazetteer published in India. Vasundhara Filliozat, , 42 p. Bruno Dagens, , p. In this book those chapters are analysed and their terminology is systematically studied. Thus the author gives a first tableau of the Indian theory of architecture, elaborated in South India since the 7th-8th c. The heart of the work is divided into three parts corresponding to the three principal manifestations of the Lord: the young god, god of wisdom and god of war. Two chapters first undertake a study of the essential points in the mythology of Subrahman ya in Sanskrit and Tamil literature, as well as the different stages of representations of the god outside of Tamil Nadu.

Bruno Dagens, Vol. I : Texte, ix, p. The detailed description of the temples is given together with a huge documentation made up of more than photos and numerous drawings. History, architectural typology and iconography of the whole are presented in several introductory chapters. Several indexes as well as a detailed English summary more than 30 pages are to be found at the end of the book which is a major contribution of the French Institute of Pondicherry to the protection of the Monumental Heritage of South India.

Keywords: temples, art history, Andhra Pradesh, India, architecture, iconography. Colas, , p. Various authors hold that a temple of Uttarame ru r Tamil Nadu was built in accordance with it. It gives an annotated translation with the original text of the main passages involved. I,1 and I,2: Inscriptions. Introduction, edition, translation P. Srinivasan ; indexes, topography Marie-Louise Reiniche, , , p. Language: English, Tamil. It analyses the physical conditions of the territory water, topography , the census of population, agriculture, fishery, maritime trade.

The second part is a survey made by J. Cordier in of the three districts of Pondicherry, Villianur, Bahur. For each village in the districts are given the amount of farm lease, the nature of the cultivated land and the revenue expected by the government. The first one, written by J.

Cordier, gives a description of the condition of the main settlement and of the secondary trading posts Balassore, Dacca, Patna in Bengal and Orissa in , with several tables concerning various aspects of administration. The second is an account of Chandernagor, in , also by J. Cordier, analysing systematically all the aspects of the settlement: physical geology, climate, vegetation , human population , economic agriculture, industry, trade etc. The third is a survey of the same type made in by A.

The book contains 5 maps and 6 index-glossaries. Keywords: Bengal, Chandernagor, colonisation, gazetteer La ville, la maison. L esprit des lieux. Dulau, , 55 p. Robert Dulau, , 54 p. Dulau , , 61 p. ISBN: A town is not simply a collection of streets and houses with a certain number of inhabitants, but is, above all, the profound expression of the culture of the people who live in it. This book aims to provide students and teachers with analytical methods and ways of considering a town, so that they may make the place where they live their own.

Pondicherry has been chosen as an example for this analysis. Various chapters deal with the site of Pondicherry, its morphology and plan, its urban landscape and landmarks, its architecture with emphasis on the Tamil house and its socio-cultural aspects. The book provides several drawings, maps, lists, elevations and photographs for a better reading of the town. It is available in three versions: French, English and Tamil. I : Vol. ISBN Set :. Its manner of settling disputes exemplifies both an ancient tradition of jurisprudence and also the contacts between Indian law and European law.

Drawing on manuscript material, this book reproduces the most interesting judgements passed during the existence of the institution. An introduction presents our knowledge of the history and the name of this court, with a complete bibliography. Abstracts, summaries, notes and indexes, facilitate the searching of this corpus. A glossary supplies details in vernacular words. Successively occupied by the Hindus of Vijayanagar, the Nayakas, the Muslims of Bijapur, the Marathas, the Mughals and finally by the French in , it was, at the end of the 16th century, one of the biggest cities of the peninsula.

This site is particularly interesting for the student of military architecture, because it is the only one in India where a full sequence of the defence systems used in the subcontinent, from the Vijayanagar period to the European conquest, can be observed. It is also the only one where we can follow, for at least four centuries, the adaptation of the defence to the progress of artillery. Keywords: Tamil Nadu, fortifications, urbanism, water storage Les sources et le temps. Sources and time. A colloquium.

Pondicherry January Edited by F. PDI no Language: English, Sanskrit, French. The colloquium was attended both by philologists and historians, traditional Indian scholars and Western researchers. It therefore presented the unique opportunity to evaluate such interactions and to develop Indology the interface between Western instruments of criticism and the more indigenous readings of texts.

The main historical questions asked were: which sources for which history and how to conduct a proper inquiry by way of ever-widening variety of sources not susceptible to a uniform approach. The book contains 21 articles of which one in French, two in Sanskrit and the rest in English.

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