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This one will be a tough situation to handle as it will likely take until late in Spring Training until the back end of the Braves rotation is decided. Unfortunately, not all of the Braves young arms that debuted last season will crack the OD rotation. Like Luzardo, Touki dominated in the minors last season to the tune of a 2. That strong performance earned him a call-up to Atlanta for five starts and two relief appearances later in the season where he struck out more than a batter per inning.

More curveball filth from Touki Toussaint for his fourth strikeout pic. He likely will crack the opening day rotation and has the upside to finish as a top SP with decent ratios and near a strikeout per inning. When that will be is still uncertain though due to the depth in the Cincinnati infield already.

Rest of the Top-25

But once Senzel is up, his plus-plus contact skills will give him immediate value with some pop and speed mixed in. If you want to give a flier on him in your NL-Only league, go right ahead.

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Alex Reyes , SP, St. He should enter the rotation at some point and has top SP upside this season. Just expect him to be monitored closely due to his injury troubles over the last few seasons. With Austin Hedges around, Mejia likely is only going to get starts a week behind the plate at most while getting a little time elsewhere around the diamond.

Kris Bryant pulls pizza delivery prank on Fantasy Baseball Leagues.

If he can get off to a good start in Triple-A, a mid-season promotion is likely in the cards. The hit tool is that good and his raw power is starting to show up more consistently in games. If he can get at-bats this season, Hiura could hit close to. Must be something in the orange juice down there.

Honeywell is working his way back from Tommy John surgery but should be ready to go by mid-season. With a deep and dynamic arsenal and above-average command, Honeywell has the potential to be a top SP for the second half of the season. The hulking first baseman finished with a. Closers matter too right?

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Buttrey performed fairly well in the role late last season and could be a serviceable RP3 if he lands the gig. Riley has the chance to hit for both power and a respectable average once called up. Versatility always has some value to it. If not, Soroka is likely waiting for poor play from an Atlanta starter Cough, Gausman or an injury to open up a rotation spot. J Pollock. After a breakout campaign where he hit.

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Games played three votes Those who have missed significant time to injury attach an added value to what it means to simply suit up night after night. You want to play all , but there's always a few days off here and there. Stray votes one apiece Jed Lowrie on hard-hit percentage: "Once you hit the ball, there's not a whole lot else you can do … It's something that's become more readily available and, honestly, more objective, too.

Mike Trout, Mookie Betts agree: This stat is best

In the past, you used to have a video guy determining whether you hit the ball hard. There was no exit velocity that was being tracked. You could hit the ball hard, and the video guy didn't think you hit it hard and he would put, 'Well, that was a medium hit as opposed to a hard hit. That's probably the only thing I care about is having good ABs and getting that walk ratio up. I know people like to look at on-base percentage or OPS or nowadays WAR, but the runs created stat is the biggest one for me.

I thought that was cool. Anytime the situation was a little bit tougher, I seemed to rise to the occasion, so I was proud of that. But with the pitcher attrition rate as high as it is, perhaps it should not be a surprise that workload itself because the basic point of the vote was identical, we decided to count votes for "innings" and "appearances" as one and the same was the "stat" our poll respondents valued above all others. But over the course of a full season, you probably do.

So what's not to like? I don't think a lot of guys are throwing innings anymore, so it just makes it all the more important to fill up innings and save your guys in the bullpen, too. ERA seven votes This is the ol' standby, and the increasing prevalence of context-driven stats that are less susceptible to the judgment of official scorers hasn't caught on enough with today's players to greatly influence our voters.

In any event, ERA still holds sway, even among those who acknowledge its limitations. But to pick just one, I'd start with ERA. Baserunners, of course. So they love it when the WHIP comes down. WHIP walks and hits per inning pitched was particularly popular among the relievers we surveyed.

You have one bad outing, and it kind of messes your ERA up. And sometimes, you might leave one runner out there and you don't even give up that run. You're not given a chance to get out of the inning, somebody else gives it up. I think WHIP is a little bit more of a personal thing and a better gauge of how your year went.

So for relievers, ERA can be skewed. But if you combine it with inherited runners, it's huge. So it's sometimes hard to know how much weight to put on stats like strikeout percentage or strikeouts per nine. But when considered in the context of walks allowed, that's a greater gauge. If you're not walking guys, that's the right recipe for success. Heisenberg Blue. Moose Knuckles. Tools of Ignorance. Recent Transactions. Nighthawks Jul 5, am. Tools of Ignorance Jul 4, am. Heisenberg Blue Jul 4, am. The Nappy Dugouts Jul 3, pm. Backdoor Sliders Jul 3, am. View All. Changes Notes.

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  • Fantasy Baseball Pickups: Look to add these players for the second half and beyond In his latest fantasy baseball pickup offerings, Dalton Del Don looks ahead to the second half with suggestions like Danny Salazar and Gavin Lux. Dalton Del Don July 5, Danny Jansen finds his stride Danny Jansen was a mess in the spring, but he's found his power stroke in July.