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Nei dintorni abita, con la madre, un cugino di lei, coetaneo, malato dall' La ballata di Maryluise. Nei dintorni abita, con la madre, un cugino di lei, coetaneo, malato dall'infanzia. Questo giovane e la nostra protagonista trovano progressivo affiatamento leggendo, in un cimitero abbandonato, i libri dei grandi scrittori russi. La scrittura di Trevor, molto bella, delinea in pochi tratti i personaggi in tutte le loro sfumature.

Solo l'amore conta, nei frammenti di vita di una persona". View all 4 comments. Un matrimonio sbagliato ed M. View all 6 comments. Emblematica Mary-Louise Sognante, fragile e fortissima,la tenera Mary-Louise, capitata per sbaglio o per paura in un matrimonio soffocante, evade attraverso una delicata lucida follia d'amore.

Malinconico ro Emblematica Mary-Louise Sognante, fragile e fortissima,la tenera Mary-Louise, capitata per sbaglio o per paura in un matrimonio soffocante, evade attraverso una delicata lucida follia d'amore. Malinconico romanzo, certo, ma anche abilissimo nella sua costruzione e sorprendente nel finale. A dispetto dell'apparenza sonacchiosa della piccola parte del mondo dove capita questa storia emblematica.

View 1 comment. Mary Louise viene da tutti presa per pazza. Sep 18, Felice Picano rated it it was amazing. I've read stories by Trevor before but this book came as a complete surprise. At first, I found it's rather simple writing rather humdrum, even though I knew it was supposed to reflect the protagonist's own mind, thoughts, and life. But then the story became more complexly narrated and moved around in time, and that held my interest.

Finally the book delivered one devastating emotional punch after the other and left me in a kind of shambles. It's all there, and all completely credible.

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And what I've read stories by Trevor before but this book came as a complete surprise. And what a book! Irlanda, Pallido, grasso, un abito anonimo, in un gennaio degli anni cinquanta, spezza quel sottile equilibrio che lega il suo presente alle due sorelle Matilda e Rose.

Il signor Dallon e la moglie, la sore Irlanda, Tristemente dolce questo romanzo di William Trevor dedicato all'amore, l'antico sentimento dalle sfumature millenarie. Leggendo Turgenev, conoscendo la gioia, la cultura e riconoscendo la grazia di un uomo, Robert, suo cugino, Mary Louise dimostra a se stessa e a noi tutti la follia del calcolo sentimentale e il sogno di un amore eterno.

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Jun 30, Daniel Polansky added it Shelves: fiction. I read this book. Mar 31, Ilana rated it really liked it.

Genealogy in Campagna

Jan 13, Val rated it it was amazing Shelves: booker-prizes. Farmer's daughter Mary Louise Dallon and drapery owner Elmer Quarry marry for reasons which do not include loving each other. She has long dreamed of leaving the impoverished farm and living in town. He wants to pass the business on to his future children.

It soon becomes clear that this marriage of convenience suits neither of them. She retreats from the world into a mixture of fantasies, memories and books, and the attic or countryside away from both her husband's family and her own. Her pare Farmer's daughter Mary Louise Dallon and drapery owner Elmer Quarry marry for reasons which do not include loving each other. Her parents, sister and former teacher all had some misgivings about the marriage.

He starts drinking and increasingly continues to do so. Mary Louise's secret world revolves around her cousin Robert, who tells her she is beautiful, listens to her when she tells him about her life in the shop, reads Turgenev to her and one day tells her he has loved her for half his life, kisses her and dies that night. The first time I read the book I saw this as a story of true love blighted by fate, but Trevor's telling of it is more nuanced and ambiguous than that suggests. I don't think we should doubt that Robert loved her, but Mary Louise's love and growing obsession happen after his death.

During his lifetime, she thought she loved him for two weeks when they were both twelve years old, before moving on to the actor James Stewart and not thinking about him for many years. The idea that they had always loved each other and were meant to be together is a fantasy which sustains her through a life that did not turn out how she had hoped. This is Mary Louise's story, but Elmer's is perhaps the greater tragedy. He is quite a dull, unattractive man, but he is not a cruel one and tries to be kind to his wife. He does not feel any desire for her and the marriage is never consummated.

When she withdraws from the world and him, he cannot reach out to her and she does not tell him what is wrong. She refuses to confide in her family either, which leaves all of them concerned but unenlightened as to what is wrong. Elmer's two older sisters are cruel.

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William Trevor very rarely writes unpleasant characters, although people often hurt each other unintentionally. If there is a flaw in this book, it is that the sisters' vindictiveness towards Mary Louise is never satisfactorily explained or justified. She is aware enough to know it has been discussed and then deliberately gives cause. May 14, Beattie rated it liked it Shelves: spring , tbr-busting , booker-longlist , hardback , one-penny-wonder , mental-health , families , brit-isles-ireland , paper-read , period-piece.

Her slices of buttered bread have been halved for her, her fried egg mashed, the bacon cut. A two film courtship: Lilacs in the Spring How book obsession can save your sanity. Jun 18, Alan rated it really liked it Shelves: novels. Jul 10, Natalia rated it it was amazing Shelves: brit-lit. This novel was published in , and it has aged well. It is a story of an unequal marriage, and it is a story about telling stories, and entangling the others with your narrative. With brushes and paint he is presented with a problem of form expressions entirely new.

And he usually begins to flounder about, using his paint as much like chalk on paper as possible. And timid of losing his outlines, he fears to put down a mass, as he has no knowledge of reducing appearances to a structure of tone masses or planes. I would suggest, therefore, that the student should study simultaneously from these two points of view, beginning with their most extreme positions, that is, bare outline on the one side and on the other side tone masses criticised for their accuracy of values only in the first instance.

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As he advances, the one study will help the other. The line work will help the accuracy with which he observes the shapes of masses, and when he comes to light and shade his knowledge of tone values will help him here. United at last, when complete light and shade has been added to his outline drawings and to his mass drawing an intimate knowledge of form, the results will approximate and the two paths will meet.

But if the qualities appertaining to either point of view are not studied separately, the result is confusion and the "muddling through" method so common in our schools of art. And this is the first difficulty that confronts the student in attempting to draw a solid object. He has so acquired the habit of perceiving the solidity of things, as was explained in an earlier chapter, that no little difficulty will be experienced in accurately seeing them as a flat picture. Observing Solids as a Flat copy.

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As it is only from one point of view that things can be drawn, and as we have two eyes, therefore two points of view, the closing of one eye will be helpful at first. The simplest and most mechanical way of observing things as a flat subject is to have a piece of cardboard with a rectangular hole cut out of the middle, and also pieces of cotton threaded through it in such a manner that they make a pattern of squares across the opening, as in the accompanying sketch.

To make such a frame, get a piece of stiff cardboard, about 12 inches by 9 inches, and cut a rectangular hole in the centre, 7 inches by 5 inches, as in Diagram III. Now mark off the inches on 85all sides of the opening, and taking some black thread, pass it through the point A with a needle fixing the end at this point with sealing-wax , and across the opening to the corresponding point on the opposite side.

Take it along to the next point, as shown by the dotted line, and pass it through and across the opening again, and so on, until B is reached, when the thread should be held by some sealing-wax quite taut everywhere.

Reading Turgenev

Do the same for the other side. This frame should be held between the eye and the object to be drawn 86 one eye being closed in a perfectly vertical position, and with the rectangular sides of the opening vertical and horizontal. Use quotation marks around a set of keywords to search for that exact phrase. Clear search. Rosaria Gambino Birth Document. Francesca Gambino Birth Document. Vincenzo Gambino Birth Document. Nascita Campanini Palmira Other. Assunta Gambino Birth Document. Ann and Granddaughter Gina Portrait. Caroline Campion Gray Other.