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Joseph Addison

The Confessions. Saint Augustine.

Is there evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?

Gregory Nazianzus. Thomas Browne. Grenville Kleiser. Religio Medici and Urne-Buriall.

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Stephen Greenblatt. The Catechetical Lectures of S. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem. Cyril of Jerusalem. The City of God. Works of Blaise Pascal. Sublime Classic Catholic Super Pack. Brother Lawrence.

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Against the Christians. Flavius Josephus. Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. Clement of Alexandria.

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Why Christianity?

The Sacred Writings of Tertullian. Peter, and St. Paul publicly worked sham miracles for years, in various cities and countries, before thousands of their sharp-sighted opposers, without being ever detected in any of their tricks; might you not as reasonably believe , that thousands of shrewd men were at once turned into stupid asses?

Now is not this as absurd as to believe, that if a few fishermen cried up the last person hanged in London for a notorious forgery; and if they affirmed that he was the Son of God, appealing to a great number of miracles supposed to have been wrought by him in the squares and hospitals of the metropolis, and especially in St. Is not this as absurd as to believe that thousands of wise Englishmen and sensible Frenchmen, could be induced by the absurd tale of two or three Hottentots, to worship a certain Hottentot, whom the whole nation of Hottentots had condemned to be hanged, as being more worthy of an ignominious death, than the bloody ringleader of a seditious mob?

Now is not this as ridiculous to believe, that the Pope, the Mufti, and the inquisitors, have laid their heads with Messrs. Voltaire, Hume, and Rousseau, to favour a forgery subversive of popery, mahometanism, and infidelity?

The Evidences of the Christian Religion: With Additional Discourses on the Following Subjects

Paul, who was a man of sense, learning, and intrepidity, was seduced by — no body, to preach for near 30 years, with astonishing zeal and matchless hardships, an imposture, against the abettors of which, he just before breathed nothing but threatenings and slaughter? Hear the language of the Apostles to the Jews:. This ye yourselves know, Acts ii. Ye know the things done through all Judea, Acts x.

The king knoweth these things. This thing was not done in a corner, Acts xxvi, Paul mentions their amazing conversion from gross immoralities; congratulates them about the spiritual or miraculous gifts , in which they abounded, I Cor. Might you not as well believe that twelve poor, unarmed idiots , once combined to take the strongest towns in Europe, and accomplished their strange designs by means, that strike the profoundest politicians with astonishment?

Would it be more absurd to believe, that the twelve greatest epicures in England, have from course of years, fulfilled a mutual agreement of preaching night and day, abstinence and fasting through the three kingdoms, merely to have the pleasure of starving to death for their pains? Would it be more ridiculous to believe, that David killed Goliath, with a grain of sand, and cut off his hand with a spire of grass: or that our sailors sink men of war with a puff of breath, while our soldiers batter down ramparts with snow-balls?

O ye sons of worldly wisdom, drop your unjust prejudices; candidly weigh both sides of the question, and you will soon see, that in rejecting the gospel as an imposture, you display a far greater degree of credulity , than we do in cordially receiving it. How credulous are they who can believe that persons of such rank and learning could be deluded by Jewish fishermen into the worship of a crucified impostor! But that book, of which they have always been so tenacious, presents the world chiefly with an account of their monstrous ingratitude, unparalleled obstinacy, perpetual rebellious, abominable idolatries, and of the fearful judgments, which their wickedness brought upon them.

Moses, who leads the van of their sacred authors, sums up his history of the Israelites, and draws up their character in these disgraceful words, which he spake to their face: You have been rebellious against the Lord from the day that I knew you, Deut.

Is Christianity True? Evidence for the Truth of the Christian Religion

And even David and Solomon, their greatest kings, are represented in those books as guilty of the greatest enormities. O ye deists, I appeal to your reason, and ask; Would you die for would you even connive at a notorious forgery, supposing the design of it were merely to impose upon the world as divine , a book that should perpetually stigmatize your ancestors, and fix horrid blots upon the names for which you have the greatest veneration? Cicero himself says: Nescio quomodo, dum lego assentior; cum fiosui librum, et mecum ipse de immortalitate animorum capi cogitare, assentio omnis illa elabitur.

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