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And we need this desired state of mind to be at all times feeling empowered and in the right direction. This type of awakening consciousness is vital to stay focused. However, if there is a deviation in this sense, returning to that mental state is a priority. Especially, before losing our north. Hence, the sessions with Bindu help you to recover the point that you need to become independent. Because it is a spiritual awakening process. Therefore, the state of mindfulness is unique to each person.

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Besides, it is awakening your conscience from the root of your being. As a result, you connect with your true nature. Indeed, those who wish to go even deeper into higher levels of awakening consciousness, need to follow a continuous process of work. And the karmic evolution of their soul towards finding their true nature.

In fact, the results to date have been truly spectacular. Besides, it is a method that allows you to learn to live in your desired state of mindfulness. Moreover, it translates into a spiritual awakening process. She is involved with globalization, international relations, and disruptive innovation. Bindu creates customized solutions , unique business models, and action plans that professionals, business people, and managers love. She increases your financial capital and your net worth, through simple conscious steps that will alter your life or your business in a significant way.

It is awakening consciousness in the workplace. Lee: Preguntas frecuentes acerca del proceso de coaching. Este es el primer punto de estudio.

Evolving into Higher Consciousness ~ Guided Meditation

En los negocios , se refiere a actividades que involucran a todos los empleados. Los resultados hasta la fecha han sido realmente espectaculares. Contacta con Mindfulness Coach Ejecutiva Bindu Dadlani, Coach de la Felicidad , para tu proceso personalizado de trabajo personal o profesional:. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Awakening consciousness to a meaningful life What is the secret to higher consciousness? Where else do we find this Awakening of Consciousness? One power session with Bindu will help you reach your true nature.

How do executives benefit from these power sessions? How do we attain a state of mindfulness through this Awakening Consciousness Program? Sometimes you not only notice them but also learn valuable lessons from them. All such experiences where you wake up to new truths about life and yourself constitute your awakening to the truths of life.

Spiritual people tell you that true awakening is waking up to the reality of one's own essential nature by knowing the distinction between truth and falsehood and between reality and delusion. With an insight into the nature of his own existence and consciousness, an awakened person can pierce through the veil of ignorance and see the reality that generally eludes ordinary people. An awakened person is mindful of his mind and body and their modifications. He pays attention to his own breath, thoughts, feelings and actions, without becoming involved with them. You might have either seen such people personally in your life or heard about them.

Following are some of the distinguishing features of a spiritually awakened or enlightened person. However, an awakened person need not be a religious person or a believer in God. The awakening may happen in different ways. It may be spiritual, mental or even physical. One may awaken to a new truth or a new realization. A scientist may suddenly find an unexpected solution to a problem on which he might be working for several years.

One may gain a new insight into the nature of a relationship, a person or problem. People may wake up to a new reality when they grow through adverse situations or experience a sudden change of fortune. An accident may open one's eyes to the value of life. Each of these awakenings has the potential to transform a person and change his whole attitude towards life and relationships. Many events and circumstances in life can trigger such experiences.

You cannot say only good experiences awaken you. In most cases, the opposite is true. It is why adversity is considered a blessing in many spiritual traditions.

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Whether it is spiritual or otherwise, an awakening is a state of mind in which the mind is open to a new reality or a paradigm shift in awareness. It can happen to anyone who has focus, dedication and discipline and in any field, an art, craft, profession or branch of knowledge. It may happen with regard to oneself or some external thing.

When it happens you know that it happened to you and your have woken up to a new realization.

How To Awaken Your Higher Consciousness

Rather than Life being something that is happening to you that you must control, you realize there are no ordinary moments! And you are one step further on the journey to higher consciousness. Life is not a random series of events. It is a highly intelligent unfolding that is putting you in the exact situations you need in order to see and unhook from the spells that keep you separate from its flow. No matter what is happening in your life, you finally understand that Life knows what it is doing.

Personal Healing Awakens Heart Consciousness

At this level of consciousness, rather than Life being something you have to mold and shape into what you want it to be, you begin to show up for Life exactly as it is. Yes, the flow of Life includes pain, loss and death. But resisting the pains of Life only turn them it into suffering, and the suffering that comes from resistance is always much greater than directly experiencing your pain. Instead of tightening around your experiences and turning away from them, which only thickens your cloud bank of struggle, you bring your attention to your experience, whatever it is.

Even little moments of curiosity about what is going on right now sprinkled throughout your day are powerful! Every time you respond rather than react to what is going on inside of you, what was formerly bound up begins to loosen. Remember, your natural state is free-flowing aliveness. When that aliveness gets trapped in the spells, your energy and joy dim. When the spells receive the light of your attentiveness, they let go, and the trapped energy flows freely, bringing with it the bliss of openness. Remember: Life is setup, to bring up, what has been bound up, so it can open up, to be freed up, so you can show up for Life!

Close your eyes for a few moments and open into this living moment of your life. Hear it, sense it, feel it. This is the only moment that matters in your whole life for it is the only moment where Life is happening! The for you phase of higher consciousness shows you that there is no such thing as an ordinary moment in your life and helps you to see that Life is speaking to you at all moments. This is where you recognize that Life is trustable.

It is not always likable, but it knows what it is doing. Imagine a life where you trust Life implicitly. Every morning you wake up with a sense of adventure. Your belly is soft, your mind is curious and your heart is open. Rather than struggling with Life, you open to it, even when you are facing deep challenges. If you find yourself caught in reaction, you give your reaction the attention it needs to let go. Just as when you unkink a hose, the vibrant flow of energy that is Life can now move freely through you and this brings forth the joy and aliveness you so deeply long for.

Creativity that you could never imagine on your own becomes clear to you, blessing yourself and everyone you meet with the wisdom of the meadow of Life. You experience deep gratitude for absolutely everything. You see that your life is dependent on every ounce of creativity that has ever happened in the universe. You also see that all that has happened to you, even the difficult, has been a part of your journey back into Life. Step by step Life is bringing you into higher consciousness, into the ability to be fully here for Life.

Now you can relax and show up for the adventure. You are no longer a separate being. Instead, you merge completely back into the creative flow of Life, understanding that everything—every rock, person, cloud, molecule and ladybug—is you.

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You are Life! Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle. As you look closely at the Six Phases of Higher Consciousness, you will see that the first two are about fixing, changing, resisting and trying to control Life Life is happening to you and by you. Throughout both of these levels of consciousness, there is a veil between you and the living experience of Life because neither phase is about showing up for the creative river of Life.

The next two phases of higher consciousness are about using your mind to be curious about what is happening rather than resisting and controlling. In Life is happening in you , you recognize that the storyteller inside of you is what separates you from Life. So rather than trying to change anything, you become interested in what you are experiencing in any given moment. The more you are here for Life, the easy and the difficult, the joyous and the sorrowful, unhooking from all of your spells, the more clear it becomes that Life knows what it is doing and it is for you. The final two phases of higher consciousness are all about coming home to the meadow.

The more you live the truth that Life is for you, the more you relax into the flow, bringing you to the joy of Life moving through you. As your cloud bank dissipates, you not only recognize the meadow again, you recognize that you are the meadow! Life is you and you are Life! Most people live in the first two phases of higher consciousness, to you and by you , never knowing that right in the middle of these beliefs is a doorway into the last four.

Life is waking you up from the contraction of the first two and into the opening of the last four.

“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”

This is not only for your own healing, but for the healing of all beings, because as you see through your cloud bank of struggle, you become a healing presence in the world. There is a paradoxical truth that is important to acknowledge. It is also true that most days you will experience a number of these phases.

It is not about getting rid of any particular phase or making one better than the other. They are all part of Life, and as you evolve, you will recognize and be able to embrace them all.

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  7. In order to evolve into and through the last four levels of consciousness, the tattered threads of your trust of Life need to be rewoven. It certainly feels untrustworthy. Life breaks your heart, brings illnesses to your body, and feels, at times, as though it gives you way more than you can handle. How can you allow it to bring you, step by step, from unconsciousness into higher consciousness? There is a shift of perception that will help you immensely in relearning how to trust Life, discovering that your life, rather than being something that needs to be controlled, is something that can be opened to.

    The shift is: Life is smarter than you! Most of us are so caught in our storyteller that we live in a small world. What we pay attention to all day long is the cloud bank around our heads that is made out of our spells. As a means of opening your awareness from the tight and small world of your storyteller into a more spacious perspective, I invite you into what I call a big-picture exploration. Imagine you are sitting on the moon, looking at the beautiful blue-green jewel that is our planet. Look beyond it into the black, velvety depth of space that is filled with more stars than there are grains of sand on every beach of the Earth!

    Now bring your attention back to the Earth floating in front of you, and as you drink in its beauty, recognize that absolutely everything on this planet was created from atoms that come from the stars—and that includes you! So everything you see is made out of stardust! Now in your imagination, see the evolution of Earth as a movie. At its inception it was just a ball of gas and dust. Then see Life beginning to come together into various rudimentary beings in the seas.

    Now see Life crawl out of the seas and onto the continents as a wave of green flows across the formerly barren land. Insects appear, animals emerge and dinosaurs come and go. In the evolution of Life on this planet, there was a time when there were no creatures with thumbs, so Life could not be picked up to be used and explored. Now see life evolving a few million years ago into a form that had two arms with fingers and thumbs, along with the kind of brain that was interested in picking up Life and exploring It. Life had never shown up in this way before!