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Such deception might also have inadvertently contributed to the lingering distrust felt toward scientific experts by UFO believers. After all, those blue-ribbon panels in the late s dismissed most sightings as optical illusions. Since then, scientists have become even more exasperated by the persistence of UFOs in the public mind.

But we now know that a good number of those strange aircraft sightings were likely real—just not extraterrestrial in origin. Fravor headed down for a closer look. That was towards the end of the encounter and they all generally zoomed around at ridiculous speeds, and angles, and trajectories and then eventually they all bugged out faster than our radars.

The paper reveals that in the immediate aftermath of the incident, a video of the encounter was shared and viewed widely by members aboard the Princeton and Nimitz via an internal military email system. Shortly after that, his captain gave him the order and Voorhis relinquished all the information, which was stored on magnetic tapes. The tapes contained crucial data that would easily shed light on the mysterious Tic Tac-shaped object.

World UFO Day: What, why and when

I mean you could pretty much recreate the entire event with the CEC data. That does not seem to be the case with the Nimitz event, unless the former airmen and sailors who spoke on the record to Robert Powell, the lead author of the paper, have concocted the aforementioned chain of events—and in coordination with one another to keep their stories straight. But here again, Powell and his colleagues, despite their bias in favor of extraordinary explanations of what happened, also did their homework. They found a Facebook page for the Nimitz that contains a conversation about the incident among various shipmates who served together at the time.

All those on duty that day recalled it vividly in their Facebook comments; many said they were still befuddled by what they saw and why the data mysteriously disappeared.

Are UFOs a Threat to National Security? This Ex-U.S. Official Thinks They Warrant Investigation

The group says it endeavors to take a cold-eyed approach to the UFO issue, and as such, examines only cases that have hard data and credible witnesses. I attended the conference, curious to see if science would really take center stage at a UFO event. To my surprise, the panels were staid PowerPoint presentations. No talk of abductions or Big Foot; just lots of mathematical formulas from physicists about the challenges of interstellar travel and space propulsion, and clinical examinations of several incidents involving supposed UFOs, such as the Nimitz case. The big draw, though, was Elizondo, who gave a talk on the opening night.

A public affairs officer at the Pentagon has said the program expired in Elizondo told the audience that he had remained in close touch with his successor. So it definitely continues. That, too, will come out hopefully soon in a very official way. You now have people at the highest levels of the United States government and international communities of their governments finally taking this serious, applying real resources, real talent, real expertise to look at this and finally figure out what this is.

Next he addressed the elephant in the room.

Ex-UFO program chief: We may not be alone

I approached Elizondo after his presentation to say hello and see if I could get another interview with him. He was cordial and open to talking, but said that it would have to be off the record. I found that disappointing, but understandable.

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Since we first met nearly a year ago, he had not been pleased with critics on social media and blogs who were scrutinizing his every move and utterance. He and his UFO company were under a sharp microscope. For example, in late , Elizondo had traveled to Rome to give a presentation to European UFO buffs that was videotaped and quickly posted to the internet.

In his Rome talk, Elizondo also discussed a famous incident when flying saucers were reported over Washington, DC. There is no historical photo that captures the supposed UFOs, but in his talk Elizondo showed a slide that suggested one existed. There are other discrepancies that have put him on the hot seat. He and his company have facilitated the release of video footage that show military pilots engaging with supposed UFOs.

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Several of these, including a grainy second video of the Nimitz incident, have gone viral online, due in part to the recent media coverage that he and Mellon have received. Elizondo has insisted that the videos were declassified and released by the Pentagon in , which the Pentagon denies. Even odder, a video of the Nimitz incident—the same one the New York Times embedded in its article and claimed to have received from the Pentagon—was already bouncing around on the internet in Whatever its provenance, it is this video and others like it that Elizondo and Chris Mellon cite as compelling evidence of aerial wizardry by UFOs that pose a threat to US national security.

As one might expect, an online army of eyes with many years of aviation and aerospace experience have minutely examined the videos. That would make sense given the mysterious scrubbing of electronic data relating to the incident, as reported by various crew members on the Nimitz and Princeton. Perhaps the aerial phenomena around which Elizondo and Mellon seek to cast such a veil of mystery can instead be chalked up to a familiar cause of UFO sightings over the past seven decades—advanced military aircraft and weaponry that the Pentagon is trying to keep secret.

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In fact, in my job as an intelligence officer, I was paid to be skeptical. Barnum, the irony remains that the Pentagon may well have its own good reason for keeping the UFO story alive. Search Issues. XXXV, No. Next Article Forum. Retrieved The UnMuseum. German Discs.

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National Geographic. Archived from the original on February 26, Retrieved July 23, By Jupiter! The Life of Sir Roy Fedden. Geheimgesellschaften und ihre Macht im Jahrhundert in German. Rhede, Emsland: Ewert. Unternehmen Aldebaran. Kontakte mit Menschen aus einem anderen Sonnensystem in German. Lathen: Ewertlag. Das Vril-Projekt. Der Endkampf um die Erde in German. The Nizkor Project. Ufology Index of ufology articles. List of reported UFO sightings Sightings in outer space. Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century B.

Ezekiel's Wheel circa — B. They don't address climate change; they don't steal our molybdenum. But such skepticism should not be taken as a dismissal of the E. And Shostak applauded a newly enacted classified Navy policy, as reported by the Times, instructing pilots on how to report UFOs which the military, and many other people, now call "unexplained aerial phenomena," likely in an attempt to dodge the tinfoil-hat stigma associated with the term "UFO.

After all, we've learned over the past decade or so that our Milky Way galaxy is home to huge numbers of potentially habitable worlds. So, while the odds may be long that any UFO witnessed to date was an extraterrestrial craft, it's far from crazy to suspect that intelligent aliens are out there somewhere or at least were out there somewhere, at some point during the Milky Way's billion-year history.

That's why people like Shostak keep listening for signals from the sky. Follow him on Twitter michaeldwall.

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