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He placed the slices of rye side by side in the pan, then topped each with a piece of swiss cheese. Next, he layered meat on one slice and a mix of equal parts dressing and kraut on the other. After assembling the sandwich, he topped it with two small cast iron pans, left it to flatten for three or four minutes, then flipped the Reuben and pressed the other side.

This is what it looks like when a engineer builds a sandwich.

Not only is it delicious, but it travels well too. He laid the bread slices down on a plate, put a slice of cheese on each—the cheese acts as a barrier, preventing the gooey middle from making the bread soggy—and then added dressing to both sides. He then layered quite a bit of meat on one side and kraut on the other, then sandwiched the two sides together.

Build it right inside the press instead. Key takeaways Layer a slice of cheese on each slice of bread to cut down on overall sogginess.

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Riley attended culinary school in New York City, where he had very little money for food. To satisfy his mighty hunger without blowing his budget, Riley ordered a lot of sandwiches from bodegas and delis. He took notice of how those delicious meatwiches were made—important techniques honed over years in front of a flat top grill—and applied this knowledge to the design of his own sandwich. How he made it Riley buttered two thin slices of bread on both sides and toasted them in a pan. Just before serving the sandwich, he applied dressing and sauerkraut to each slice of bread.

He gently laid meat and melted cheese on one slice and layered potato chips on top. You may just pick up a new skill. Watch the video above to see him pick his favorite Reuben. Then hit the comments and tell us how you prefer this classic deli dish. And try the ChefSteps homemade corned beef recipe!

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Key takeaways Caraway lends killer flavor to a Reuben. Mix kraut and dressing equal parts by weight for an extra-sloppy sandwich. Use thick pieces of bread to add both soft and crispy texture to the mix. Key takeaways A pile of chips is a welcome addition to any sandwich. The sandwich is vastly improved using Catalina in place of Thousand Island crap.

Simple Reuben Sandwich Recipe

Curious on doing a brisket I have a smoker and a hole how do i use both i want twnder cook of joule with smoke from smoker. Not kosher - not Reuben. Fixed my wife's version of a Rueben tonight. Rolled out rye bread for the wrapper!

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