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She replies only with silence. The doctor continues to probe her with questions…. In another time frame, a car travels down a provincial road on its way to an old, yet well-taken care of house.

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A man steps out of the car, the father of two girls. And here we meet the two sisters of our story - Bae Su-mi played exquisitely by Lim Su-jeong , the elder sister, and Bae Su-yeon, the younger Moon Geun-yeong , come home to live after a stay at a hospital to "get well". Once the girls arrive, evil stepmother Eun-joo Yum Jung-ah, last seen in Tell Me Something is all sweet and accommodating and motherly, much to the chagrin of the girls.

At dinner, tension and rivalry are rampant The turn of events is not a happy one: in fact, the girls' father, Bae Moo-hyeon Kim Kap-su has to give two pills to Eun-joo after the meal. Later that night, strange things start happening in the house. Su-yeon experiences creaking floorboards, doors opening by themselves, hands appearing out of nowhere Su-mi investigates, and finds her father asleep on the couch instead of in bed with Eun-joo.

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Su-mi fixes his blanket, only to be interrupted by Eun-joo, and the conversation turns into a massive argument between the two. Dejected, Su-mi goes back to bed and tells Su-yeon it was simply their wicked stepmom playing tricks on her. That morning, after a disturbing dream, Su-mi wakes up to a sun-drenched room, ready to face the day. Only she discovers she's not truly awake, but is in fact still dreaming, and this nightmare is a lot scarier than the previous one….

She wakes up for real this time, and finds blood on her fingers. She sees that Su-yeon has started her period, and goes over to the master bathroom to retrieve some towels.

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Eun-joo sees her there and asks what she's up to. Su-mi tells her that her sister has begun her period, to which Eun-joo scoffs and tells Su-mi it's a spooky coincidence that she, too, has started her period only that morning. Su-mi decides that's too much information and rushes off, only to stop and realize that she has also started her period at the same time. Here, she finds shoes, purses, and a bunch of pictures that bring a smile to her face. However, the smile quickly fades as she sees the inclusion of Eun-joo in some of the photos.

She angrily tosses them back into the box just as Su-yeon walks in. The sisters share memories and stories about their dead mother amidst all her old belongings, until Su-mi notices marks on Su-yeon's arms. She asks her about them, forcing her to admit that it was their stepmom who did it. Su-mi wanders down to the dining room where Eun-joo is having tea and confronts her about the marks, which she admits to giving Su-yeon as a punishment.

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A Tale of Two Sisters by Jane Retzig

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A Tale of Two Sisters

The Man from Nowhere Lady Vengeance Crime Drama Thriller. Mother Audition We wonder: is this happening before the events of the movie proper, or is this the prelude to an extended flashback? As the main story begins, the question isn't answered. By the time the movie is over, it still isn't answered. The girl we have just seen is Su-mi. When next we see her, she and her younger sister Su-yeon are returning to their father's house in the country. We understand they have been away under observation for some sort of mental problems; some response to a terrible incident which is left unexplained.

Since we have only seen the elder sister so far, and we're not sure whether we're in a flashback or a continuation, we may be forgiven certain suspicions Our suspicions are immediately dashed when we are introduced to the Wicked Stepmother. A Tale This Wicked Stepmother pointedly greets both sisters with forced good humor so much for our clever guesses.

A Tale of Two Sisters

The younger sister is plainly terrified of the stepmother, while the elder treats her with cold contempt. And so the pain begins. The whole dysfunctional family gathers in one place for the first time, around the dinner table; the strain becomes even more apparent when the father brings out some medication, and gives it not to Su-mi, as we expect, but to her stepmother.

Evidently the sisters are not alone in needing therapy. The father himself is taciturn, and seems to be bowed down with the weight of his family's misfortunes. Whatever happened in this house so long ago, it seems to have involved the stepmother and the inexplicably-absent mother. We get the idea that the mother is dead, and that the unexplained circumstances of her death are far from pleasant. But there is more going on than we might expect from the combined fear and loathing between the women of the house.

For one thing, Su-yeon seems to have a dread of the clothes-press in her room.