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Boston: Mariner Books, The art of being. Discipline and punish: the birth of the prison. New York: Pantheon Books, Le Goff J. March , 4 p. Social Media , Facebook , Academia. Born in France, this gentleman farmer was living in the colony of New York at the outset of the conflict between patriots and loyalists.


View on lacauselitteraire. Creative Writing. Failure and Fantasy on the Banks of the Ohio more. Facebook heralds the advent of a society that mirrors what the social network claims to promote. Not a society of democratic exchange, where people interact within a virtual agora by opposing arguments, but a society divided by antagonism Not a society of democratic exchange, where people interact within a virtual agora by opposing arguments, but a society divided by antagonism and defiance, one that is partitioned in isolated bubbles; not a society of free sharing of information but of commercial exploitation of the data we deliver each time we visit Facebook.

Why should we turn away from this social network and all those who promote its paradigm? Because the proliferation of images encourages negative feelings, jealousy and intellectual harassment; because it distracts us from thinking in depth and it fragments our lives; because it spreads and strengthens the logic of ratings that leads to a superficial redefinition of the value of intellectual products and individuals; because it reinforces our preconceptions instead of confronting us to opposing arguments.

The network invented by Mark Zuckerberg, who could very well run for president at the next US elections, poses a significant democratic threat. These two writers share a similar These two writers share a similar conviction: soon, Native American civilizations will be destroyed. Every time I go to work, I cross the Scioto river. It's a wide, long river in the state of Ohio, streaming on the western side of the city of Columbus. Driving over the bridge, you can glance briefly at the banks of the Scioto where, Driving over the bridge, you can glance briefly at the banks of the Scioto where, today, mansions stand tall in the middle of lush vegetation.

In the summer, people go stand-up paddleboarding on the Scioto; boats rush on the water and, behind them, wakeboarders attempt daring tricks. In the winter, with blocks of ice floating around, and nobody troubling the stillness of its flows, the Scioto looks much more desolate, and Ohioans quickly leave it behind, as they hurry to find the comfort of their home. Very few of them know that the Scioto used to be seen as the center of an earthly paradise. Very few people know that, at the end of the eighteenth-century, foreigners traveled thousands of miles with the hope of building a utopian society on the banks of this river.

Very few people know that these foreigners, French people who had witnessed the beginning of their Revolution, decided to leave behind their homes, their relatives, their homeland, with the hope of creating a peaceful life for themselves on these shores, finding only misery, regrets and, sometimes, death, at the end of their journey.

De quoi Facebook est-il le nom? Le Site d'auteur — un nouvel espace d'investigation critique French Studies more. Un nombre grandissant de sites View on fs. This article analyses the historical context as well as the literary and philosophical models of this retreat in America and underlines its gradual contamination by the utopian genre. Portrait du romancier en escaladeur L'Atelier du roman more. Journal Name: The Literary Encyclopedia.

View on litencyc. French Literature , Southern Studies U. Although he died less than three hundred kilometers from his birthplace and spent most of his existence in Paris Although he is known nowadays by a handful of specialists of Eighteenth-Century France only, his role as a significant figure of the Enlightnement is being reevaluated and new scholarship is produced on his heterogenous production.

View on lesecrits. Publication Name: Revue Contreligne. View on contreligne. View on uvsq. View on lcc. Le non-dit dans Point de lendemain de Vivant Denon more. View on revel. View on bullesdesavoir. View on lamusebouchemag. View on classiques-garnier. First part. Second part. Media Studies , Television Studies , U. Amanda Knox] article by Alice Kaplan. View on presses. Conference presentations. French Literature , Digital Humanities , and Literary websites. View on archive. Chateaubriand cosmographe more. L'univers des