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The meaning of the red string tattoo can be different for each person who wears it. Part of the appeal of the red string tattoo is that it is small.

It has a symbolic meaning that is not immediately apparent to anyone who sees it. The red string of fate, as it is called in Asian culture, can be on any finger, but most commonly it will appear on the thumb of a man and the pinky finger of a woman. Usually the string is drawn by the tattoo artist to have a simple bow with tails, just like you would tie your shoelaces. The legend of the red string of fate is what is leading many people to get this tattoo. The tale has a happy meaning that appeals to hopeful romantics. The story comes from a Chinese tale of a matchmaker who knows the person that each of us is fated to be with.

The matchmaker is an old man who carries around a book that has a record of all of the soulmates who will eventually meet each other. The old matchmaker also carries a large bag full of small pieces of red string. One day a young boy saw the old matchmaker leaning against a fence in the light of the full moon. The matchmaker was standing beside his bag and reading from the book.

They will be destined to be together. The boy had never heard of such a thing and he told the old man that he did not believe him. The old man took the boy to a nearby village. Standing behind a fence so they would not be seen, the old man pointed to a young girl. In anger, he threw a rock at the young girl and ran away from the old man. Mamotte Shugogetten has an episode with mystic threads that bind the fingers of the first two people to pick it up. Although they don't behave much like the threads of the legend, the reference is clear, as the first one to be used is red.

In the manga's Detective Conan : The Time-Bombed Skyscraper concludes with Ran selecting which color wire on a bomb to cut ; the bomber had designed the bomb to go off if the red wire were cut, having overheard that red was her favorite color, but Ran couldn't bring herself to cut it, seeing it as the red string of fate between her and Shinichi. Reversed in Noir , as Mireille a Corsican muses on the connection between herself and Kirika.

The Story Behind The ‘Red String of Fate’

Blacker than pitch I could see the red strings connecting everyone to you I was a blue thread. Homura: They really do look better on you after all. Comic Books. Referenced in DC Comics Bombshells , with Batwoman likening the red string of fate to the red stitching on the baseballs she uses.

The legend of the red string of fate

This turns out to be foreshadowing, as at the end of the series, she marries Maggie Sawyer, a girl she met back when they played together on the same baseball team. A rare Western example appears in Snotgirl , where Charlene realizes she's in love with Lottie while wrapping her fingers around a red string on her investigation board. In the Naruto fanfic One Small Step , a young Naruto can't find a partner to play Cat's Cradle - a game that involves using string to create complex patterns between the fingers- the game also functions as an exercise to prepare students for ninja handsigns.

After searching for someone to play the game with him, he finds Hinata and asks for her help. The two end up tying each other's hands together with red string, naturally , which leads to them becoming childhood friends and starting to develop feelings for each other. Axis Powers Hetalia : Quite a few fanarts of America and Canada show a red string attached around their hands.

Could be to represent their relationship which in real life is one of the closest and most productive international relationships in the world. Or it's to play up the Ho Yay. The red string of fate has also been referenced in quite a few fanworks that pair Japan with someone.

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This cute little oneshot. But it has more colors representing more types of relationships. This is the main hint that they and the person wearing them are much Older Than They Look. To the Stars : Homura leaves one of Madoka's ribbons with her fellow magical girls, who consider it a religious relic and place it in the Church of Hope.

The protagonist, a distant relative of Madoka , has a plot-relevant vision upon touching it. It is interesting to note, however, that her pinkies were linked to Weiss and Jaune, two of her most prominent potential Love Interests in the series. Word of God is that the author was indeed referencing the Japanese Myth with the imagery, but did not wish to commit to a particular pairing.

Averted in the Inuyasha fanfic, Sever the Red Cord. In the story, Inuyasha chooses to be with Kikyo, rather than Kagome. Brokenhearted, Kagome returns to her era and becomes a shrine priestess. A few years later, Inuyasha appears, having lived out the centuries to her era. To Kagome's dismay, her soul is linked to Inuyasha's by the red string, due to her being Kikyo's reincarnation.

Couples Tattoo Red Strings On Their Pinky Fingers As A Secret Way To Show Their Love

Having no desire to be bound to the man who broke her heart, and refusing to be a replacement for Kikyo, Kagome unties the string from her finger, separating her soul from Inuyasha's forever. In the Avengers fic But Loving Him is Red , Steve and Tony wake up after a fight to find themselves connected by a piece of magic red string. Later, they find out it signifies the fact that they're soulmates. This is a running theme in the vocaloid fanfic Rotting Camellias.

Miku visits a circus and meets with a fortune-teller who tells her that her red string is getting shorter. It makes a number of other appearances after this. In the Miraculous Ladybug fic Trouble in White , Master Fu references this trope while pacifying a Brainwashed and Crazy Adrien, convincing him to follow his soulmate 's example. This trope also shows up in straight form in a huge number of Miraculous Ladybug fics, using every imaginable variant from literal strings to timers to shared injuries.

Marinette and Adrien are always soulmates, and usually so are Alya and Nino, and sometimes other combinations. Ghosts of Evangelion : Invoked by Asuka after her mother said she and Shinji played together when they were babies and their mothers thought they seemed incredibly cute together. Asuka: How about that, eh? The red string of fate bound us together even then.

Kind of depressing, now that I think about it. Shinji: [laughter]. Film — Animation. Brisby first meets Jeremy, he is tangled in red string which he is retrieving to build a "love nest" for his future Ms. The end of the film has Jeremy and his love interest flying and holding the two ends of the string. Film — Live-Action. In Kamen Rider: The First , a partially-suicidal Haruhiko runs away from the hospital to a field where he can grieve alone, only to realize that a red string had somehow caught on his clothes.

Behind him walks up Miyoko, his love interest, and the string was a thread from the red sweater she was wearing which had caught and began unraveling as he ran. She directly quotes the concept, and he proceeds to hug her for all he's worth. Unfortunately, since they were both terminally ill , things don't turn out very well. In Paulo Coelho's Brida , the titular girl is informed that Witches can recognize who their destined soulmate is because they can see a special twinkle in the eyes, while Mages do so by seeing a star over the shoulder of their destined. Brida, who becomes an aspiring Witch, recognizes the twinkle in her actual boyfriend's eyes and is pleased; but the Mage she initially consulted has seen the star over Brida's shoulder, and is conflicted.

This is carried to a long scene where the Mage finally decides to confess his visions and feelings and use the star to try to find Brida in a crowd This being a No Bisexuals setting, the Mage steps out and lets the happy couple be.

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He borrows the stone and follows its glow. The good news is he finds her. The bad news the proprietor of the store bought the encounter, in exchange for the Wealthstone, so HE gets the lovely and extremely wealthy girl. The results of this encounter start the main plot. In Jane Eyre , Mr. Rochester has this to say: " And if that boisterous Channel, and two hundred miles or so of land, come broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapped; and then I've a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly.

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