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So Jesse thought that she was all that Thought she was heading on the right track Left her mates at the gate As she walked away Never to look back again So she lost what he knows And whats all is right For a brand new image and a world of lies But the days were numbered Relationships suffered She lost the faith of All those who mattered so Don't forget your roots my friend yea Don't forget your family yea Don't forget your roots my friend The ones who gave you The ones who brought you here Don't forget your roots my friend yeah Don't forget your family yeah Don't forget your roots my friend Yeah woah..

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Don't forget your roots my friend yea Don't forget your family yea.. Don't forget your roots my friend The ones who gave you The ones who brought you here Don't forget your roots my friend yea Don't forget your family yea.. Don't forget your roots my friend Yeah Liken Teilen Tweeten WhatsApp.


Production of these amino acids is important during plant growth which explains why glyphosate only kills growing plants. Glyphosate was discovered by Monsanto, given the trade name Roundup and first used for agricultural purposes in It is adsorbed through the leaves, through drilled or cut stems but only poorly through the roots. Stem drilling, or stem injection, is a much more effective way of administering glyphosate than simply painting it onto a cut stem; there is less wastage and much less potential for collateral damage.

Glyphosate has low acute toxicity and a half-life of about 47 days in soil. Glyphosate is extremely widely used. Consequently, residual amounts are sometimes found in food products. The levels are very low, with over However, the very widespread use and potential long-term exposure to low levels of glyphosate mean that it has repeatedly been associated with causing human cancers.

Don’t forget your roots

Monsanto now Bayer have recently lost a court case when sued by a an individual who had developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma, claiming it was caused by long-term exposure to high levels of glyphosate while working as a gardener. Monsanto is appealing against the decision.

A long-term decades study of 55, people showed that there was no increased risk of cancer in those exposed to higher levels of glyphosate. And this was only for people exposed to very high levels over a very long period.

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Nevertheless, I always take care when using glyphosate. I wear disposable nitrile gloves and safety glasses.

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I administer small doses ml to the drilled holes, avoid spilling it and wash my tools and hands carefully after use. Did you hear More or less Radio 4 on the insect decline studies recently? Basically the presenters showed that the evidence was far from complete and quite inadequate for claims being made by. We all know that there are far fewer squashed insects on our cars after a long journey than was the case in the past.

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And some of us conclude that there may well be fewer insects around now — even though this has not been conclusively demonstrated by scientific research. But this was TV — and you have to show visuals to convey the reality of climate change — which is not an easy thing to do! So perhaps a truth was conveyed, even though the quoted facts behind the videos were not completely factual.

A difficult one. Hi Archie That insect study was a meta analysis, a bit like the glyphosate study I refer to above. In both cases they appear to have been highly selective, either in what they looked at or in how they presented it. However, is that because there are less insects or because cars are now much more aerodynamic? I think the Attenborough Climate Change programme and the insect study should have different standards applied.

In contrast, the insect study is a peer-reviewed scientific paper and — as such — should be even-handed in its judgement of the data.

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However, blatant misuse of the data is what the peer reviewers are there to weed out. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Multi-stemmed rhododendron from suckering.

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Drop and drill. Waiting for the inferno. Towering inferno. Something for the winter. Ardnamurchan or Borneo? Cleared and ready for native tree planting.

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