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Green Front Hunts for Gold: Hand Picked Treasures from the UK

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The box that launched 1, trips Treasure-hunting in the American West A valuable hidden treasure draws hopeful hunters out West. Reuse this content About The Economist. Cash in on your Picasso Borrowing against art is growing at a stunning rate.


Daily chart Are extraterrestrials extra patriotic? Indulge in local food delicacies and savour the fine wine as you journey through this life-changing European country.

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Drone Finds Hidden Underground House From the 1800's! Off the Grid Treasure Hunting!

Although they visit a few actual retail shops, Wingo has found himself in storage facilities, sheds, garages, even hog barns. Much like their U. Like the American pickers, the Green Front team is always looking for that special something.

ShunPiking - the adventure chronicle | United States

Wingo says he particularly keeps an eye out for things that will be useful and that will sell well, though that can be a bit difficult to anticipate. The popularity of various items varies through the years. The highlights of the trips, for both Cralle and Wingo, are the larger-than-life characters that come with the incredible finds. Eccentric types and rare collectibles seem drawn to each other and, according to Wingo, developing relationships over the years with these individuals has been the ultimate side benefit to the picking trips.