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These are in essence exactly that, remote and difficult to access without a boat. They are considered as one of our premium adventures and are all based as a full hour day, they are longer due to the fact that it takes some time to get to them and the fishing is going to reflect the distance traveled.

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These trips are an adventure that begins with a boat ride usually across a lake or long inlet of the ocean. We try to limit these groups to a size of three people or less per boat.

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If your group is larger, we would split the group into two boats. We do this for two reasons, it keeps the boats lighter so we can access the rivers betters and it creates a more enjoyable fishing adventure where you will not have to split a run up with four people. Each group will fish independently until lunch and then join up.

At that point we can either regroup or continue on and finish our day to meet up at the end. These adventures also have an overnight option where we would camp on the river for the night. These methods have be widely used to study genetic disorders and to understand how the genetics of an organism contribute to its fitness.

These methods have added to our understanding a cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and a wide variety of other medical problems as well as to our understanding of the basic mechanisms of genetics.

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In his later years, Oliver worked on the genetics of high blood pressure among other things. He was an altogether delightful man.

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He loved to DO science. When you saw him in the lab, he simply radiated happiness. When Oliver first arrived in Madison, his lab in Genetics was not yet ready, and the department asked the Physiological Chemistry Department in the Medical School if they could let him use some space while his lab was being remodeled. The P Chem Department gave him a bench in their teaching lab, which was also used by the medical students in their biochemistry course. A couple of weeks into this arrangement, P.

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Oliver continued to be a notoriously messy lab worker. His work was careful and precise, but there was always collateral danage, and Oliver was always much more interested in starting the next experiment than in cleaning up after the previous one. I too had the privilege of knowing Oliver, starting from the time he joined the faculty at the UW-Madison in , when as a graduate student I took his course in Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics, in which he integrated numerous classic papers in genetics with the relevant contemporary papers. He was a bubbling, ebullient, enthusiastic teacher, who really enjoyed students and loved to teach and share the science that he was so happily immersed in.

At the UW, his gift was used to establish the annual Smithies Symposium, to bring in prominent speakers, with their talks to be especially directed to students. Smithies attended the first few of these, and he conducted special sessions with the graduate students. He was a great and engaging story teller, often using his own detailed lab notebooks as visuals. Using starch gel electrophoresis, Oliver resolved 20 or so proteins in blood plasma that showed variation in normal healthy persons, and such variation was inherited.

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