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Infamy: A Pilot's Story of World War II and Beyond

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Harry's War. Ed Benjamin. Robin Higham. Progressive Management. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. A riveting story of one person's passage from college kid to accomplished World War II pilot. Jack Stettner takes us along on his enthralling journey from enlistment in reaction to the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor through primary, basic, advanced and combat pilot training, to flying his first combat missions.

Along the way we meet several interesting characters people and aircraft , share his excitement upon earning his wings, and relive his harrowing experience of bailing out over China. His intimate description of the various stages of pilot training adeptly proves that learning to fly is only part of the requirement to survive 44 combat missions and combat hours in the skies over Japanese-occupied China. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A riveting story of one person's passage from college kid to accomplished World War II pilot. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. With France conquered, Germany plans a knockout blow to Britain across the Channel. Hitler wants to attack Britain in the summer of , but before he launches a ground invasion, he must gain air superiority by destroying the Royal Air Force. But up step "the few".

The RAF puts up an incredible fight and, over the course of the battle, downs 1, German planes. The Luftwaffe fails to dominate British skies and, by the end of October, the threat of invasion recedes. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. A milkman delivering milk in a London street devastated during a German bombing raid. In September 5, tonnes of high explosives are dropped on London in just 24 nights. Tens of thousands of city children are evacuated to the countryside.

Industrial cites and ports across the country including Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff and Southampton are attacked. German bombers drop tonnes of high explosives and nearly incendiary bombs on Coventry in 10 hours devastating much of the city and all but destroying the Cathedral. On 22 June Germany invades the Soviet Union. Stalin is taken by surprise and the Soviets are forced to retreat. The Germans use Blitzkrieg tactics and one week into the invasion the Soviets suffer , casualties.


The invaders are accompanied by SS teams, who round up and kill hundreds of thousands of Jews. By December the Germans reach the outskirts of Moscow. But their supply lines are stretched and Stalin is just as ruthlessly determined as Hitler. Aided by the harsh winter, the Soviet army holds the Germans at bay. Japan feels embittered by a US oil embargo imposed in August to stop its expansionist ambitions in China. In response it launches a pre-emptive knock out attack on the US in an attempt to destroy the Pacific fleet.

The Imperial Japanese Army continues its expansionist ambitions by hurling itself into a series of offensives across Asia. Japan's next target is Singapore. With the British defensive guns pointed south towards the sea, Japan mounts an audacious assault battling through the jungles of Thailand and Malaya to attack from the north. After a week of fighting, the Allied forces are running low on supplies. Around 16, British and 48, Australian and Indian troops surrender and become prisoners of war. The fall of Singapore is seen as a great humiliation for the British government.

I broke down and cried as I have never done in my life before. Jonathan Dimbleby describes how the Nazis advanced in a pincer movement on Allied Egypt. Germany and Italy are forced to retreat back through Libya. It is the first major allied victory in the war and a huge morale booster on the home front. In May German forces are finally driven out of North Africa, ending the threat to the Suez Canal, a major trading route, and paving the way for the invasion of Italy. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

It is one of the bloodiest battles in history with nearly two million military and civilian casualties. House-to-house fighting drags on until 2 February With food and ammunition exhausted, the German commander Friedrich Paulus surrenders. This is a turning point in the war, and Hitler pays the price for underestimating the sheer size and determination of the Soviet forces, which begin the long push west towards Berlin.

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Legend has it the Allies are assisted by several Mafia figures, like Lucky Luciano, who help them to win over the Italian population. The Allies slowly advance up through Italy but are held up by dogged German resistance.

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  • At the Battle of Monte Cassino in southern Italy the Allies suffer 55, casualties and destroy an ancient monastery in order to breakthrough to Rome. Sophie Raworth explains how D-Day was planned.