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I know because I used to work there. We would serve it frozen because it would be too soft refrigerated. This is the pie!! Soooooo glad I found this recipe! Do you have any menu suggestions that would pair nicely with this dessert? Thanks in advance. This looks perfect. And I like the idea of making it in 15 minutes. Not sure if I can achieve that though!

Thanks for sharing the recipe. This reminds me of our favorite vacation treat — key lime pie on a stick from a street vendor at the beach. This recipe is so quick and easy that I could whip it up on a school night… and I just might! Thank you! We have enjoyed it on a stick in Florida too. It was such a unique way to eat it that it stuck with me. I love key lime pie and this version looks just perfect! I wish I could have a slice right about now! Oh my gosh. I love that you made a huge thick layer of filling. Too many key lime pies are skimpy when it comes to that! What a great and simple recipe to have!

36 Sweet Lime Desserts and Drinks

Going to make this for a BBQ that my wife and I are attending later in the month! Should be a hit!

I love key lime pie. This one is sheer perfection. Great tips too. I have a sudden craving for key lime pie. In a big, bad way. Sabrina, this looks absolutely amazing!! On my waiting list to make now! Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Save Recipes. Sign Up Now.

Easy Key Lime Pie (Just 6 Ingredients!) - Dinner, then Dessert

Pin This Like this recipe? Do you know how many cups it is in place of the squares? I made this recipe but I substitute the graham cracker for a oatmeal cookie crust, and also added cream cheese to the filling. These bars are amazing! Tart and luscious! Since then, I made a tweak to my process and have had consistently excellent results. I use my food processor and chop the pecans first I usually only have whole pecans on hand.

I melt the butter in a large bowl and then add the graham cracker mixture. I also make sure to really pack the crust well, so it helps stay together when cutting. Aside from that first tweak of compiling the crust, I follow the rest of the recipe to a T. These freeze well, too. Thanks for a great recipe! I made these bars last weekend and my only complaint was the crust falling apart. I read your comment and did what you said with the food processor and it worked like a charm!

Thank you, Jen! Hi Kathy! But, I do have a question? I noticed you posted a copyright disclaimedisclaimer below the recipe for little Spice Jar. It says we would have to rewrite the recipe in our own words. But, can you please clarify this for me? Thank you! Feel free to pin all the content that you like and I hope you enjoy the Key Lime Pie bars!

How to Make Key Lime Pie

Could you make these ahead, bake them and then freeze them? I would love to make the. A week ahead for an event coming up. I accidentally used walnuts instead of pecans buuuut they still taste amazing.

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I used ground graham crackers and measured 1. I only grated 2 limes for the zest because thats all i had and it was still great. Also i had to use a 9 inch pie pan, my graham cracker crust layer was a bit thinner and i sliced in wedges. I noticed my bars had green flecks and a noticible tint to them more than your pictures, overall they were perfect though, i will definitley make them again!

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  • I have a picture but it doesnt look like i can attach it. Can you use the already ground up graham crackers that come in the boxes? And if so what measurement would it be? Thank you. Already ground graham crackers should be fine. Perhaps the box has a conversion chart from graham cracker sheets to cups? How far in advance can you make these?? Hope you guys love them! I have a question though. Do you place the paper in the bottom of the pan and put the graham cracker crust on top of it?

    The cooking spray helps the parchment stay put and the parchment prevents the crust from sticking to the pan. My daughter is allergic to nuts, would it still be good without the pecans? Would I omit the cinnamon too? You can add it or omit it, either is okay. These were amazing!! We were celebrating 4th of July except we are in australia and looking for something american but not the usual apple pie.

    This was great! Anyone in oz wanting to make them- we used just normal limes and digestive biscuits in the base. I will follow your inner Yoda and give these little beauties a try. The photos look good enough to eat too. I made these and they were fantastic. Do you have any tips for getting bars like this to come out looking nice and not completely destroyed when you try to cut them and lift them out of the pan?

    I allow the bars to cool completely in the refrigerator usually longer than 2 hours also I use an extremely sharp knife and I wipe my knife on a paper towel between every cut. I have found that if you dip your knife in very HOT water, then wipe it off, you get a very clean slice of anything that can be sticky either from sugar or egg. This method provides smooth sides to your slices. These look wonderful! As soon as the sun comes out here I dream of citrus desserts and all things fresh and zingy — I need to try these bars! I'm Marzia: A wife, a nutritionist, a food lover, and a coffee addict.

    My husband Anees and I live in Texas! We share a love for the 3 F's - Family, Food, and Fun!