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Flight Attendant. Government Liaison. Graphic Designer. Guidance Counselor. Human Resources. Human Services. Image Consultant. Industrial Engineering. Industrial Technology. Information Security Analyst. Interior Design. International Business. Inventory Control. Lab Technician. Law Enforcement. Loan Officer. Loss Prevention. Management Consultant. Management Information Systems. Market Research Analyst. Mechanical Engineering.

Medical Billing. Network Architect.


Network Engineer. Non-Profit Management.

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Nuclear Engineering. Nurse Practitioner. Occupational Health and Safety. Operations Director.

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Operations Research Analyst. Personal Trainer. Petroleum Engineering. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Pharmacy Technician. Physical Therapist. Physician Assistant. Police Officer. Production Manager. Project Manager. Property Management. Public Relations. Quality Engineer.

Real Estate Agent. Real Estate Broker. Restaurant Manager.

Creating Effective, Innovative Story Maps and Inspiring New Storytellers in the Process

Risk Management. Sales Representative. Security Officer. Social Services. Social Work. Software Engineering. Supply Chain Management. Systems Analyst. Tax Specialist. Technical Support. Transportation Warehouse and Distribution. Travel Agent. Veterinary Assistant. As you section out your content, think about natural breaking points, placement of photos and media, and the best template for your story.

Do you need immersive sections and scrolling content, or are you focusing more on locations? I actually created an instructional story map for the Three Rivers Park District that covers story map basics, templates, and other tips for beginners. It also covers things specific to employees, like logging in and branding. There are many ways to tell a story. How do you decide when to use maps vs text narrative vs photos vs videos or other media? With story maps, I have the opportunity to engage readers with photos, maps, and videos—even embedded apps and web content.

I can use with maps and infographics to explain spatial data or display tabular data in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. And spend time reading other story maps for inspiration and best practices. By publishing enterprise data to Portal or ArcGIS Server as a referenced service you can consume live enterprise data in web maps, dashboards, and surveys which all are great media that can be seamlessly included in story maps.

This story map uses the classic Journal template and leverages story actions to dynamically switch the main stage content and make for a more interactive experience. This story displays the concept designs that our Planning Department has been working on and features an embedded Web App Builder with a swipe widget that allows users to toggle between the before and after designs. At the end of the story map, we included a Survey form so the public can vote on what play area equipment that they would like to see.

On the back end, all of the collected results are displayed in a dashboard for the Planning Department. We tied it all together with a story map Tabbed Series. It was quite the project. As people transition from the classic templates to the new builder, what can they expect? What are the benefits?

The difference between an Artist Statement, a Bio and a CV

First and foremost, I can say that exciting things are coming! Express maps, text-wrapped photos, and sidecars are just a few exciting features. Before the new builder, authors needed to select one story map template up front. Many times, authors would find themselves starting in one template, running into a functionality limitation, then finishing in a different template.

Basically, they had to recreate everything they started. The new story map template will allow users to mix and match different classic functionalities all in a one-stop-shop template. Like the feeling of a story map tour, but also the scrolling flow of a cascade template?

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No problem. With the new story map template, you can utilize both of these functionalities. There is infinite potential for this new template and the story maps team is working hard to refine it.

How to Write a Resume - For Freshers & Experienced People (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

I think it will be a game changer. Every day, story map authors are raising the bar when it comes to compelling storytelling powered by place.