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The Tyrant's Tomb is the fourth book in the series. Apollo Though he dosen't show up in the series, Lester has some godly outbursts, triggering Apollo, even for a second. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Trials of Apollo Logo of the series. Main article: The Hidden Oracle. Main article: The Dark Prophecy. Main article: The Burning Maze. October 6, Retrieved September 6, Rick Riordan. Retrieved January 6, May 5, Retrieved September 19, The Hidden Oracle.

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Los Angeles : Disney - Hyperion. Retrieved Retrieved 28 March Retrieved March 31, I only lost the second match against your father, though he was nearly beaten to death. After we fought eleven or twelve more—. He was upset and wild. Supposedly he was upset about killing someone close to him earlier that week.

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Blake slowly replies, I might disagree. I understand. Eve nearly trips over her own words, obviously trying to flatter me. Anyway, I bet you are just as strong as your father. We dated once upon a time, but because I trained at The Gym, I was banned too. My barcode activates on its own. I have a phone application that allows me to analyze my tattoo. Opening my phone, I quickly access DataOb 3. This application was developed by a company headed by two owl liminal beings. The program allows the user to scan his barcode to better understand his abilities.

Legend of Apollo (Barcode Book 1)

Unlike previous versions where the phone needed direct contact with a tattoo, the newest one scans data through fingerprints. I smack my thumb on the screen and forward the results to Michelle. Eve does not feel obligated to share any of the gruesome details between her and my father. Luckily, just a second after I notice her getting antsy, a vaguely familiar voice shouts over the loudspeaker. A spherical hologram projector activates above the arena.

This upgrade came to the arena a few years back. It displays close-ups of the fights with such clarity it nearly mimics the actual battle. I find myself occasionally watching the sphere, even in the front row. Tilting my head up, I wait for the hologram to confirm my suspicion. The overachiever, Patrick, welcomes the parents to the first gladiator match of the year.

Patrick announces the challengers, Yang Arena. The crowd erupts in cheers that match his booming voice. We have several matches lined up today, including the man-eater, Arnold Miyamoto! Their suits are fairly advanced. Some even have gravity rejecting boots. My first experience with the technology came from my race with Leo.

The force opposes gravity the same way most suits break or soften a fall. Attaching this science to boots increases the energy in a kick, pushing the user further and faster than their normal shoes. One man dominates more than anyone else. Instead of the gravity rejecting boots, he had jets on his feet and steel wings on his back. When the match ends, Patrick squeaks gleefully. Members of the audience laugh at the sound. He grabs the microphone and shouts, Oh man, guys. From that hint, the crowd clamors to confirm their suspicions. A prophet will step on this field to fight as a gladiator.

Over the next thirty minutes, the spectators at the arena are left on the edge of their seats. Which prophet would fight as a gladiator? As he draws the last syllable, the spectators scream louder than ever before. The four men exit their cages.

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Though boos echo throughout the amphitheater, visitors from Yang Arena scream wildly to voice support of their gladiators. Patrick lets his voice trail off. Talib Lion! I get that annoying muffling feeling in my ear from all the shouting that surrounds me. Even the parents cheer for Jay Jay. Patrick yells, Let the games begin, and the opponents from Yang Arena rush our gladiators. The spectators fall deathly silent. Their leader on the field, an exceptionally large man with a huge scar on his belly yells at the others, Stop staring and surround the last two!

The gladiators gather their bearings, and do as instructed. One of the men takes a sword from the fallen and throws his shield aside. Visitors from the other side of town all root for their warriors. Their chants and stomps take over the small cheers from the Colt Arena fans that are crushed to see their Ape hero outnumbered.

Dennis actually told me the truth. No one was in that ward. In awe of the situation on the battlefield, I watch as one of the men run past Jay Jay, slashing his calf. He falls to one knee. Talib calmly takes a seat on the ground and bows his head in prayer. My suit enhances my rapid perception and I watch as two members from Yang Arena charge to finish their opponents. He catches the blade of his attacker with his bare hand. One warrior from Yang Arena retreats and fires projectiles from his extremely large armor. Patrick shouts, Finally! Colt Arena is back in the game. It looks like the rumors about Jay Jay must be true.

His skin glows so brightly, he appears to light on fire. Jay Jay brutally destroys each man from Yang Arena. With each kill, he seems to become more possessed by rage. By the end of the match, the heavily armored warrior is crushed in his own suit and the others are motionless at various parts of the arena. I still feel sorry for the person that tried to run.

Jay Jay storms the battlefield, cheers echoing throughout the arena. Then, he returns to Talib, helping him from the ground. Suddenly, a rumble shakes the entire arena. Arnold rushes out of the same door that Talib and Jay Jay just exited. His bellow is enough to immediately silence the entire stadium. Patrick fumbles over his words to announce the next match between Arnold and a demigod challenger from Yang Arena. An equally sized man marches onto the field. Patrick exclaims, Feng Yang brags openly about how Kwan Choi has been bred, mutated, and trained for the specific purpose of killing Arnold.

The entire crowd screams and applauds. Arnold smiles anxiously and can hardly stand still. He watches the savage slowly approach the center of the amphitheater. Before he was taken to prison, he ripped a chunk of his flesh and handed it to the arresting officer. The audience claps and cheers. Arnold searches for the piece of flesh removed.

With a whip of his right hand, he smacks Arnold in the face. Five minutes into the match, Arnold looks pretty beat. He walks away from Kwan once or twice in order to gather his strength. The crowd stops cheering and starts moaning over how Arnold seems to have lost his vigor over the years.

I hear someone mention that he might be too old for the sport. That all ends when Kwan connects a right hook that causes Arnold to raise his eyebrow.

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He stops laughing and screams at Kwan to hit him again. Initially, I used writing as therapy to block out all of life's stressors. Overtime my hobby evolved into a passion that made my wife a writer's widow. When I'm not devoting every spare minute to my Barcode series, I can be found jamming out on Rock Band, embarking on adventures with manga characters, or outside playing hide-and-seek with the sun. About Publish Join Sign In.

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Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Spencer Colt attends a university for gladiators that his father owns. He is praised as a god powerful enough to defeat the dictator known as Helios. Though he tries running from his responsibilities, a mysterious boy appears that violently motivates Spencer to accept his fate.

He not only trains to fight his enemies, but works at defending the people he loves and his home. Spencer Colt must return to his last year of Colt Academy—the academic institute for gladiators. The school and arena are run by his father, a wealthy businessman too occupied to remember his son's 19th birthday. Spencer could care less. He's a sarcastic jerk that wants to finish his final year without another person mentioning his destiny, to reunite America. On his first day back, his family's helicopter plunges nose first into the battlefield.

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