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The first 50 pages of this oversized, spiral-bound book are filled with impeccably photographed fly-tying techniques. The next pages are cut horizontally across the page. The top pages show tying steps for dozens of fly patterns, including references to tying techniques that are explained step by step in the bottom pages.

This groundbreaking book is sure to thrill all fly tiers. Over beautiful color photos, over all-color pages. Flies As Art by Paul Whillock. Provides details of how to tie a range of modern realistic flies; everything from a realistic Beetle for Fishing with right through to a full blown Art Fly. Over pages. Clouser's Flies By Bob Clouser Clouser's approach to fly design begins and ends on the water, with a lot of time spent in between at the workbench. The story of and instructions to tie the popular and successful Clouser Deep Minnow and its variations, including Purple Darter, Clouser Crayfish, EZ Popper, Rattle Clouser, Bright Sides Minnow, and more Choose effective hooks, thread, eyes, glue, natural and synthetic fibers Recipes, instructions, methods, and variations are included, with color photos to tie 17 flies designed to catch trout, carp, smallmouth, pike, redfish, albacore, and more.

Clouser's approach to fly design begins and ends onstream, with a lot of time spent in between at the workbench. Including variations on his famous original Deep Minnow, Clouser presents recipes for seventeen of his most successful patterns for baitfish, subsurface freshwater foods, and surface flies with detailed explanations and superb full-color photographs to accompany every step.

In sections devoted to materials and tying techniques, Clouser offers insight into his methods and provides a solid foundation for designing flies with confidence. I have a few autographed copies, first edition copies. The Fly Fisher's Craft By Darrel Martin The Fly Fisher's Craft returns to our angling origins with chapters on constructing antique lines, hooks, and loop rods-all simply made with basic tools and knowledge.

It also follows the silk wraps of the early tyers to reveal their craft and cunning. Here are Barker and Cotton, Venables and Stewart, Halford and Skues, along with many other esteemed tyers of the past. And it presents the author's modern patterns inspired by that past.

Abundant photographs and illustrations by the author guide you on this enthralling journey, told with some surprises along the way. Learn step-by-step the Nemes way to tie soft-hackled flies. Hear the stories. Tie the flies. It's personal, right at Syl's tying bench and on location in Montana.

In this unique video, you will see Syl tying 10 different soft hackle flies, from the traditional to his own design; you will hear Syl's history and opinions on the art of fly tying; you will see several tips and tricks he's learned over the years. Using the power of DVD menus, Syl provides quick and easy access to each fly recipe as well as the ability to quickly jump to the specific instruction you wish to use.

This is macro photography on steroids! Volumes have b een writt en on the subject, but until now, there has never been a book like Fishbugs. Following the success of his first book , hailed as "the most useful book for eastern fly fishers since Art Flick's Streamside Guide, author Thomas Ames Jr. His bigger-then life studies of mayflies, caddisflies, and other waterborne insects, captured in extraordinary detail, allow you see them as never before.

Color illus clarify patterns described; 8. In one of the enduring classics of fly-fishing literature, Terry Hellekson addresses everything from the history of fly fishing and fly-tying around the world, to fly-tying material and hooks. This newly revised and updated version offers the original two volumes combined in one hardcover edition to create the definitive book on fly-tying. This is not just another book on popular fly patterns, although it is the authority on those as well.

Terry shares the insights and interview s with fly-tying greats of years p ast, along with the history of some of the popular individual flies and fly-tying vises, making this a great read. He also shares years of wisdom and knowledge on colors, fly-fishing techniques, and tricks of the trade on the best kinds of tools and materials to buy and where to find them. Scott Sanchez has been tying flies and fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains for more than 30 years. Scott's innovative patterns were created, proven and evolved on some of the West's demanding waters.

Many of Scott's original designs have been on consistant winners as flies used in the annual Jackson Hole, One Fly trout fishing competition. Through commercial tying, he has been able to test his ideas in different waters and in different conditions. There are chapters on mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies, midges, emergers, terrestrials, attractors and steamers. Complete tying steps, full color pictures and more. I love this book! Creative Fly Tying by Mike Mercer. Mike Mercer is one of Umpqua Feather Merchants' top fly designers, His innovative pattterns are well reguarded around the world.

In his first book, Mercer offers fresh and thought-provoking insights to the art of fly tying in Creative Fly Tying. Mercer shows how to think differently about trout flies; he explains which materials to use and why. Spiral Bound. Go To Flies By Tony Lolli With paying clients expecting to get into fish no matter what the conditions, professional fly fishing guides from around the country have relied on years of on-the-water experience to develop special flies that they can fall back on when nothing else is working.

Spanning fresh and salt water, hatches famous in the East and West, and everything from tiny dry flies to monstrous streamers, Tony Lolli has assembled the best of these original patterns. Whether you're chasing salmon in Alaska, cutthroats in the Rockies, brookies in the East, or flats fish in Florida, there are patterns here that will definitely catch you more fish.

Includes dressing and tying instructions. I am in this book so I thought I out to promote this one. Check out my Mylar Minnow fly which is in this book. Order from me and I'll autograph my page at your request. Mayflies by Ted Fauleglia Everything on mayflies, from the most outstanding photographs of every stage to scientific descriptions and Latin names to pattern information, is included in this comprehensive book.

Each chapter shows and describes the insect, from nymph through spinner, and lists patterns and photos of imitations that match each stage. Two photographic essays show in fascinating detail an emerging Blue Quill dun and a molting Yellow Drake dun. A breadth of information, natural history on mayflies, and angling tips on flies are matched with Fauceglia's phenomenal photography.

For a more complete selection of books I offer, click here. Describes the most effective fly fishing techniques for steelhead and the best contemporary flies to use. Chapters on fly design; spey flies; wet flies; dry fly; small stream fishing; shooting heads; winter steelheading; two-handed rods; nymphing; deep drifting flies, and much more will help you successfully fly fish for steelhead year round. All color; 8. Deer-Hair Fly Tying Gudiebook by Jack Pangburn With its many color illustrations, this unique book has the look and feel of the streamside journal of a knowledgeable and very artistic fly-fisher.

World-renowned fly-tier Jack Pangburn shares many productive patterns and techniques using natural deer hair, one of the most versatile fly-tying materials. There are many ways to catch a fish, but catching one on a fly you've tied yourself is by far the most exciting and rewarding. Most food items trout feed on are of natural earth-tone colors, and there is no better way to imitate natrue that to use what nature has to offer.

Derr hair is one of the most versatile and popular natural materials used in fly tying, and in this book Jak Pangburn shows you how to combing deer hair and other elements to create a finisher, fishable fly. Topics include: fly-tying materials, hooks, stacking, wrapping, dubbing, wings, flared bucktail, spinning, bundled bodies, 84 fly patterns, many with step-by-step instuctions, and much more.

The beautiful, detailed illustrations give this book the feel of a personal streamside journal; add the crisp photography and informative text and this book gives you all the information you need to become a great tier of deer-hair flies. Includes many lakes, streams, rivers and creeks to fish. Has complete maps, directions and locations. Also shows some of the fish that can be caught in various locations.

Ideal for both the fly fisher and the spin fishers, this is well done book. Chris Mann's remarkable computer graphics convey the flies with clinical precision and color accuracy. He has selected over of the best hairwing flies, based on those submitted by leading fly tiers from around the world. This book will inspire fly tiers to try a whole range of exciting new patterns, tying techniques, colors, and materials.

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Klausmeyer explains how to make durable tandemhook rigs for tying classic trolling streamers and how to tie marabou- and hair-wing streamers. This important book also features complete instructions for dressing modern fish-catching "classics" such as the Muddler Minnow and Thunder Creek series. Here he features more than exquisite photographs. Two of fly-fishing's most well respected writers collaborate once again, this time discussing emergers. Emergence is itself a behavior, and it puts the tier in a challenging and rather unusual position not that of imitating a fixed and recognizable form of the insect, but rather of representing a process.

This book shows you how, including: emerger design and materials, basic tying techniques, many specialized tying techniques, fly patterns, and more.

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Tying Small Flies by Ed Engle Interest in tying small flies to catch trout is increasing, and flies are being tied smaller with finer materials that come onto the market every day. Learn to imitate midges' trailing shucks and drowned adults, tie tiny parachutes and white-winged Tricos, and create patterns that mimic microcaddis and micro scuds. The book covers small-fly history, tying tools, and the materials you'll need to begin tying your own flies. Tips on fishing techniques come from Ed Engle's 30 years of experience fishing small flies on the South Platte River.

CDC Fly fishing enthusiasts, the wait is over. Each article is an affectionate account of nearly six decades of fly fishing. You will learn everything from casting techniques and innovations in fly tying to actually reading the water, the insects and the flies Harrop uses. Spring Creeks by Mike Lawson. Packed with solid information for fishing spring creeks from Mike Lawson's years of fly fishing experience. Important chapters cover --mayflies, caddis, midges, terrestrials, and aquatic insects. Plus, practical and proven advice on locating, stalking, playing, and landing trout and tactics for fishing dry flies, streamers, wet flies, and nymphs, from one of the best fly fishermen in the business.

Beautiful book with lots of pictures and personal accounts of places fished.

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Contains many of Lawson's patterns. This is mostly a literature survey of over two hundred years of history of the soft-hackled fly is covered in this book, starting with Richard and Charles Bowlker's Art of Angling , with the first mention of the red spinner mayfly pattern, and ending with John Reid's Clyde-Style Flies , covering some of the most radical trout fly designs from Scotland's Clyde River.

In between are great fishing writers of the past, such as Francis Francis and G. Skues, and The Fishing Gazette , a weekly tabloid published for nearly years in England. Excellent with pictures and patterns of the flies from each piece selected. Spey Flies and How to Tie Them by Bob Veverka Veverka balances his tales of history with detailed,step-by-step, photo-by-photo tying instructions for the three kinds of patterns-Spey, Dee, and eagle. Trout of the World By James Prosek. Prosek has dedicated his unique paint ing talent to b ringing to life trout from around the world.

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He has a passion for trout and conveys their beauty with the stroke of his brush. The text provides a historical profile of each fish along with personal reflections by the author. Prosek savors the beauty of various fishing spots, along with the fate of the species. As times goes on I will add more titles. Don shows how to make several of the traditional patterns using quills and also lists many of the patterns from Bergman's Trout. This is a great DVD this is easy to follow with clear instructions.

He outlines the basics of the tool, it's uses and then shows how you can create new patterns with this tool. Very well done and easy to follow. Has many instructions for making your own hackle, using CDC and also making steelhead flies. If you love the Magic Tool, you will want this video. He casts many of his patterns and demonstrates why this product is so effective. By using the Magic Head you can learn how to create swimming flies that will behave more like the naturals that they are trying to imiitate.

Covers the works from saltwater, trout, pike and everything in between. I have located a great selection of Maps and Fishing Gudie Books. Ideal for the fly fisher these are wonderful and very hard to locate. Most Maps are in Full color. Not available at the big box stores! These are unique items! Fishing holes are marked along with access points. Has listings for lodges, tackle shops and campgrounds.

Unique and hard to find! Includes: Fishing access, bridges, named pools, roads and other great information. Has all major rivers, map landings, named pools, parking, fly shops and also has a hatch chart. Much like a regular road map, this map is ideal for canoe trips, river floats, hiking or fishing. Has many lakes and ponds also. Sportsman's Map to the Adirondacks: Full color fold out map of the Adirondacks.

Has color marking for state forrest land. Ideal for deer hunting, fishing or hiking. Includes highways, trails, rivers and creeks. Wall size for den or office, can be used for travel. Ideal for the car and travel. Includes trails, where to hunt and fish, ski. Sows over Has much larger fold out map of area streams, roads, trails, hiking and fishing. Ideal for hunting or fishing.

Use for the Delaware East and West Branches. Use for the Beaverkill and Willoweemoc. Has trails, water depths, major highways and access points. Donald Stokes. Fly Fishing Basics. Dave Hughes. Wildlife of South Africa. Duncan Butchart. Clay Westfall. Nick Smith. The Complete Birdhouse Book. Flattened Fauna, Revised. Roger M. Barbara Taylor. Annalee Davidson. Sally Dinius. Sharks and Other Predators.

Fly Fishing. Jay Nichols. Unusual Creatures. Michael Hearst.

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City Critters: Wildlife in the Urban Jungle. Nicholas Read. The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing. Cabinet of Curiosities. Gordon Grice. Jim Harter. Handbook of Hatches. The Arctic Guide. Sharon Chester.

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Sara Low. Sharon Stiteler. The Bumper Book of Nature. Spot 50 Garden Birds. Miles Kelly. The Very Best of African Wildlife. Gerald Hinde. Steve Muturi. John Davidson. Avian Architecture. Peter Goodfellow.

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Let's Go Fishing! Gerald D. Tropical Wildlife. Jane Whitten. Pink Is For Blobfish. Jess Keating. Discover the Amazon. Lauri Berkenkamp. Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth. Bob Clouser. Mammals of South-east Asia. Charles Francis. Discover Carp Fishing. Simon Crow. Questions and Answers about: Animal World.

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