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Go gray. Make your phone less appealing to look at by changing the settings to grayscale.

3 Steps to Get More Done in Less Time

Switch Color Filters on and select Grayscale. Now, you just press the home button three times to enable grayscale. Triple-click again to go back to color. Instructions from this Lifehacker article.

2. Sleep well and enough

Android: May vary from model to model, so please Google instructions. Slow the scroll. If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling, put a rubber band or hair band around the middle of your phone and harness the power of the pause. Use Spotlight to open the app you need. While the hair band blocks the full usage of your phone, it still works with Siri, so you can use voice to make calls, get directions, and even open apps.

But similar to the Spotlight technique, using Siri forces you to set your intention before opening the app you need. Leave home without it. The very best way to eliminate the distraction of your phone is by leaving it at home. Go out with out it, and schedule regular digital sabbaticals.

1. Work according to your internal clock.

If you want real connection and honest answers, check your heart more than you check your phone. Less phone. More heart.

Thanks for reading today and inviting me into your inbox. Thanks for the helpful tips. Although I am not a highly active phone user, I had been meaning to shut down the useless notifications from a few of my apps. Your post inspired me to get it done during lunch today. Are you insane? Just joking.

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Not sure I could survive most of these suggestions. What I did find to help me stop obsessing over my phone is buy a lower end phone. I was painfully slow and I am always close to running out of storage but I only have what I use on it and I saved a little money. I recommend wearing a watch — that way, I do not even have to take the phone out of my pocket. Hi Courtney, the struggle is very real for me. Thank you for sharing your process and how to be intentional when the phone is in my hand.

I have less time for my friendships as an adult. That makes each interaction more meaningful.

Taking back my day starting now! Yet the habit is still there. I will often check my email from the browser instead or start scrolling a news website. Love this! In my case, I actually got rid of my smart phone and took a flip phone! You can study anywhere where you like.

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When I got accepted to Auckland university, your embassy in Singapore refused to issue me a student visa since people were killed in Bali. So,I had to come to Canada. So, you see whenever you feel gloomy recall Iranian students who have more hair, but less chance to get a visa.

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises. No thank you very much. Forget about it.

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I have an extrem allergy to communist countries. I didn't forget what happened to two American journalists in North Korea in Answer this Question. Ask a Question. Related Topics Of No Time? It's A Long Time? By The Time? It's Time?

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At This Time Vs. At That Time? One-Time Vs Once?

1. Prevent phone distraction.