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Jones and his producers had lined up everything they needed or so they thought , including a local distributor, an international sales agent and high-profile actors: Xavier Samuel and Sam Neill. Crushed, the film-maker moved back into his family home in Sydney and hunkered down. He spent long stints in the garage as long as 10 or even 14 hours at a time , writing almost every day. Instead of using a computer Jones used his somewhat retrograde device of choice: an old manual typewriter. It was an intense period for me.

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Jones styles Otto Bloom in the manner of a fake documentary, replete with re-enactments, faux archival footage and a plethora of talking heads. A core tangent explores the romance between Otto and the love of his reverse-life, Ada played by Rachel Ward and Matilda Brown, who are mother and daughter in real life.

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One was from the perspective of Ada, which had a straight chronology, and the other from Otto, which examined their relationship unfolding in reverse. Then I think slowly over the course of the film, in scenes when we see things from his perspective — in reverse — it informs some of those mysteries.

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I did have fantasy jobs in my head but that was just it; they were fantasies. I also knew that I needed some guidance to make my current job more rewarding. While I was nervous in the beginning, Sara made me feel completely at ease and was so attentive to my needs.

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She takes fantastic notes and is an extremely great listener. Now, in L. Once, I urged her to drop everything and go back to Rome, which irritated her. Partly because of Diana, I was also living the life I wanted to live, despite my propensity toward nervousness.

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I had come to bring good energy to the person who had always delivered good energy to me. The sight of her was shocking, her eyes slightly open but unseeing, her skin sallow, her right arm fluttering up to pluck at the wire connected to her chest. I put my palm to her forehead and felt the eerie coolness of her skin. There she was.

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As always, she showed up for me. That night, I bedded down on a camping mattress so her husband could go home and get some rest. Before dawn, a nurse came in to give her morphine. The drug carried Diana far away.

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Her eyes finally closed, her skin an unearthly alabaster like the wax figures of saints under glass in the churches of Rome.