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They come from the wisdom of years, pain and humor; they are surprising and work on our consciousness like an alarm clock awakening us from slumber into the daily routine. One could almost say they are delicious. We walk with Ben-Arroyo and Dostoyevsky through white nights in St. Petersburg and face the dark reality of the loss of a son. We drink in London and tap a table listening to a jazz trio.

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This collection sums up the many faceted Freddy BenArroyo as I have come to know him through his haiku and it's a feast to read. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. For the theme of independence day issues of national feeling and memory become universal through the form of haiku.

Independence Day.

The Best of Mijikai Haiku

In the warm wind my scarf touches a stranger. Touching the Wall being touched by the Wall— Reunification Day.

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This anthology is filled with wonderful seasonal haiku on harvest time by Geert Verbeke Belgium and Ion Codrescu Romania :. Autumn leaves enter in the tea room before the guest.


Unique and sensitive haiku on the persistence of nature in modern human spaces and the need for a connection with forebears are presented in haiku by Krzyztof Karwoski Poland and Roberta Beary Ireland :. Some of the haiku are exquisitely crafted to offer an almost seamless evocation of feeling, as in a mystical metaphor in Alenka Zorman Slovenia , an expression of simple joy in Damien Gabriels France , and in a moment of transpersonal insight in David Cobb England :.

Calaméo - Freddy Ben Arroyo - Jazz Trio

Coming home from work— I count on my way forsythias in blossoms. We are in the third century of Japanese artistic influence and the transformation of that influence on and by Europe.

One thinks of the French Impressionists and Van Gogh in painting and early translations of tanka and later haiku in France and Romania. Now we have a full blooming gathering of such influence and transformation that has arrived in European haiku through this anthology. Overall From One Sky to Another offers many rewards and is highly recommended and, moreover, is a high-water mark for international haiku.

Each smoke reaches its white cloud.