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Along with Balzac and other writers, he also contributed to Emile de Girardin's weekly, La Mode , which became the voice of the chic and wordly tout-Paris.

Alexandre Dumas

As the heroes of his books, Dumas lived as adventurously. His way of life created a number of anecdotes.

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When he was asked to contribute 25 francs to bury a bailiff he gave 50 francs and said: "There you are - bury two of them. He married in his mistress Ida Ferrier, an actress, but he soon separated after having spent her entire dowry. In the middle of the political struggle for freedom is Cornelius van Baerle, a young man who has devoted himself to tulip-growing. With the help of Rosa, the daughter of a jailer, he manages to grow a black tulip. Cornelius wins his freedom and hundred thousand guilders in glittering gold pieces as reward for the tulip.

Soon his small apartment became the meeting place of his old friends and other exiles, including the publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel, who wrote under the pseudonym of P. Dumas spent two years in self-inflicted exile. Pretending that he is not bankrupt, Dumas returned to Paris and founded a daily paper called Le Mousquetaire. In he traveled to Russia. He left Russia in February , and published his impressions from the trip first in his magazine Le Monte-Cristo , and then in a book form.

Despite the popularity of his novels in Russia, this work was not translated into Russian until as Putevye vpechatleniya v Rossii: sochinenie v trekh tomakh. Roberts, , pp. While in Italy, Dumas supported Garibaldi and Italy's struggle for independence. Hemmings, , p. On his return to France Dumas' debts continued to mount. Called as "the king of Paris", Dumas earned fortunes and spent them right away on friends, art, and mistresses. He was professed to have had dozens of illegitimate children, but he acknowledged only three. According to a story, when Dumas once found his wife in bed with his good friend Roger de Beauvoir, he said: "It's cold night.

Move over and make room for me.

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It is claimed that his last words were: "I shall never know how it all comes out now," in which he referred to his unfinished book. Dumas' son Alexandre became a writer, dramatist, and moralist; he never accepted his father's lifestyle. Noteworthy, Dumas' love stories were included in the Vatican index of forbidden books. Dumas did not generally define himself as a black man, and there is not much evidence that he encountered overt racism during his life.

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In a shorter work, Georges , George , Dumas examined the question of race and colonialism. The main character, a half-French mulatto, leaves Mauritius to be educated in France, and returns to avenge himself for the affronts he had suffered as a boy. Dumas' central works created a romantic fictional history of France, but they also had supernatural elements and characters, that preceded the superheroes of the 20th-century.

It did not reestablish his popularity among the theater-going public. Dumas Sr. Alexandre Dumas sr. Well, it is the same with hashish; only eat for a week and nothing in the world will seem to you to equal the delicacy of its flavor, which now appears to you flat and distasteful. Let us now go into the adjoining chamber, which is your apartment, and Ali will bring us coffee and pipes. Todd ; Alexandre Dumas by A. Bassan and S. Selected works: Ivanhoe, ? Rousseau Kean, play - Edmund Kean tr. Aukusti Simojoki, Le Capitaine Paul, 2 vols. Griswold, Aventures de John Davys, 4 vols.

John B. Alfred Allinson, Les Stuarts, 2 vols. Midi de la France, 3 vols. Reed, Le Corricolo, 4 vols. Roland, La Villa Palmieri, 2 vols. Henry L. Williams, Jr. Alfred Allinson, Ascanio, - Ascanio tr. Fayette Robinson, - Morsiuspuku suom. Charles H. Hanna Blomqvist, - films: , dir. Colin Campbell, Louis J. Leo Fleider; I fratelli Corsi, , dir. Charles V. Henkel; D'Artagnan, , dir. Charles Swickard; , dir. Arnold Schoenberg 's Pierrot Lunaire takes its text from German translations of the symbolist poems by Albert Giraud , showing an association between German expressionism and symbolism.

Symbolism's style of the static and hieratic adapted less well to narrative fiction than it did to poetry. This novel, in which very little happens, catalogues the psychology of Des Esseintes, an eccentric, reclusive antihero. Oscar Wilde was influenced by the novel, it being a major influence in writing his play Salome and Huysman's book appears in The Picture of Dorian Gray , with the titular character becoming corrupted after reading the book.

Paul Adam was the most prolific and representative author of symbolist novels. Few symbolists used this form. One exception was Gustave Kahn , who published Le Roi fou in In , Georges Rodenbach wrote the short novel Bruges-la-morte , set in the Flemish town of Bruges , which Rodenbach described as a dying, medieval city of mourning and quiet contemplation: in a typically symbolist juxtaposition, the dead city contrasts with the diabolical re-awakening of sexual desire.

Gabriele d'Annunzio wrote his first novels in the symbolist manner. The characteristic emphasis on an internal life of dreams and fantasies have made symbolist theatre difficult to reconcile with more recent trends. In it, two Rosicrucian aristocrats become enamored of each other while trying to kill each other, only to agree to commit suicide mutually because nothing in life could equal their fantasies.

From this play, Edmund Wilson adopted the title Axel's Castle for his influential study of the symbolist literary aftermath. He wrote Belkiss , "dramatic prose-poem" as he called it, about the doomed passion of Belkiss, The Queen of Sheba , to Solomon, depicting in a avant-guard and violent style the psychological tension and recreating very accurately the tenth century BC Israel.

He also wrote King Galaor and Polycrates' Ring , being one the most prolific Symbolist theoriticians. Some of his greatest successes include opening his own symbolist theatre, producing the first staging of Alfred Jarry 's Ubu Roi , and introducing French theatregoers to playwrights such as Ibsen and Strindberg. The later works of the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov have been identified by essayist Paul Schmidt as being much influenced by symbolist pessimism. Black night. White snow. The wind, the wind! It will not let you go. Through God's whole world it blows The wind is weaving The white snow.

Brother ice peeps from below Stumbling and tumbling Folk slip and fall. God pity all! From "The Twelve" Trans. Babette Deutsch and Avrahm Yarmolinsky [26]. Night, street and streetlight, drug store, The purposeless, half-dim, drab light. For all the use live on a quarter century — Nothing will change. There's no way out. You'll die — and start all over, live twice, Everything repeats itself, just as it was: Night, the canal's rippled icy surface, The drug store, the street, and streetlight.

Among English-speaking artists, the closest counterpart to symbolism was aestheticism. The Pre-Raphaelites were contemporaries of the earlier symbolists, and have much in common with them.

Symbolism had a significant influence on modernism , Remy de Gourmont considered the Imagists were its descendants [27] and its traces can also be detected in the work of many modernist poets, including T. The early poems of Guillaume Apollinaire have strong affinities with symbolism. Early Portuguese Modernism was heavily influenced by Symbolist poets, especially Camilo Pessanha ; Fernando Pessoa had many affinities to Symbolism, such as mysticism, musical versification, subjectivism and transcendatilism. Wilson concluded that the symbolists represented a dreaming retreat into.

After the beginning of the 20th century, symbolism had a major effect on Russian poetry even as it became less popular in France. Russian symbolism, steeped in the Eastern Orthodoxy and the religious doctrines of Vladimir Solovyov , had little in common with the French style of the same name. Bely's novel Petersburg is considered the greatest example of Russian symbolist prose.

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Both writers promoted extreme individualism and the act of creation. Merezhkovsky was known for his poetry as well as a series of novels on god-men , among whom he counted Christ, Joan of Arc , Dante , Leonardo da Vinci , Napoleon , and later Hitler. His wife, Zinaida Gippius , also a major poet of early symbolism, opened a salon in St Petersburg , which came to be known as the "headquarters of Russian decadence". Andrei Bely 's Petersburg novel a portrait of the social strata of the Russian capital, is frequently cited as a late example of Symbolism in 20th century Russian literature.

In Romania , symbolists directly influenced by French poetry first gained influence during the s, when Alexandru Macedonski reunited a group of young poets associated with his magazine Literatorul. The symbolist painters were an important influence on expressionism and surrealism in painting, two movements which descend directly from symbolism proper.

The harlequins , paupers, and clowns of Pablo Picasso 's " Blue Period " show the influence of symbolism, and especially of Puvis de Chavannes. The work of some symbolist visual artists, such as Jan Toorop , directly affected the curvilinear forms of art nouveau.

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Many early motion pictures also employ symbolist visual imagery and themes in their staging, set designs, and imagery. Holiday Rentals in Montdardier. Places to stay in Montdardier. Peu d'habitats mais des parcours pour les troupeaux de brebis lait, vaches aubrac, chevaux, etc.

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Sam et Virginie sauront vous recevoir. Ici pas de nuisances sonores. Vous n'entendrez que le chant des oiseaux, le bruissement des feuilles qu'une faible brise agite et parfois le cri d'un faucon en chasse Dans un petit coin de verdure de notre ferme. La cuisine et les sanitaires sont ouverts. Chauffage en hiver et eau chaude. Jolie yourte en bambou sur plancher. En bas de chez nous en face de la cascade vous avez un bar restaurant "Le Glacier de la Vis" ouvert tous les jours qui propose des concerts toute la saison.

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