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As well as being a reliable site of home-grown gas for the UK; it was also providing skilled, long term jobs for local individuals — helping to boost economic growth and local investment. This gas site, while conventional, clearly illustrated the benefits a shale industry can bring to the UK in the future. The choice we face is how much we want to rely on gas from abroad — some of which may or may not be reliable.

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Or whether we would prefer to extract more from the UK. Britain used to produce so much gas that we sold it to other countries. But today we are forced to import much of what we need, and that share will continue to rise unless we make the most of our home-grown energy supplies. This is unsustainable if we want to move to a lower carbon world. We are therefore making a significant move away from coal in the coming years, aiming to remove it entirely from the mix by As a home grown energy source, shale gas will also provide a significant opportunity to create jobs in communities across Britain.

But we are not just talking about jobs for geologists, drilling specialists and chemical engineers. We are talking about jobs for construction workers, truck drivers, water treatment experts, and people working in local retail and service industries. Jobs that will make a real difference to local areas and provide new opportunities for communities.

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But to do this, two things are critical. The UK has decades of experience in safely regulating oil and gas exploration and we are bringing this experience to bear on shale. We have world-class independent regulators who will not allow any operations which are dangerous to local communities or the environment. The Environment Agency will not grant operators a permit if the risks to the environment or groundwater are unacceptable.

They will impose strict conditions to make sure there is proper protection of the environment, and to prohibit all activities which pose unacceptable risks. The Health and Safety Executive will make sure operations are safe — they will scrutinise well design and monitor its progress to make sure the operators manages risks effectively throughout the whole life cycle of operations.

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And now, through the Infrastructure Act, we are putting in place a range of further measures to provide the public with confidence that this industry is being taken forward in a balanced way, including measures on protected areas, environmental impact assessments and groundwater monitoring. We have passed regulations to ensure that hydraulic fracturing cannot take place within 1, metres beneath the surface of National Parks, the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, World Heritage Sites and areas that are most vulnerable to groundwater pollution.

We are also committed to ensuring that hydraulic fracturing cannot be conducted from wells that are drilled at the surface of our most valuable areas, and have formally consulted with industry on how best to implement this commitment.

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  • Strong controls are also in place to mitigate seismic risks. Operators must monitor seismic activity — in real time — before, during and after operations. If a tremor of magnitude 0. I would like to stress that we have a very strong regulatory regime in place for exploratory activities and we will look to continuously improve it as the industry develops. I urge industry, academia, local authorities and NGOs to continue to work with us to develop world class protections that will make sure that shale is developed safely.

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    We need to challenge the misinformation about the industry which is being spread, and clearly explain that shale exploration will always be conducted safely. Therefore the second critical factor in developing a successful UK shale industry is public engagement. The public need to receive objective and scientific information which explains how fracking occurs, how it is being regulated, and what it means for them. There is a role for everyone here today in providing this information. Government needs to provide scientific and objective information to the general public, which will inform the debate and allow individuals to form evidence-based views on shale.

    We are working hard to do this, regularly attending public meetings across the country to better understand local issues and where additional information would be helpful. Industry needs to engage early and often with local communities, answering questions and providing reassurance. I am therefore very pleased to hear that the industry body, UKOOG, has established a Community Engagement Charter where operators will engage local communities, residents and other stakeholders at each of three stages — exploration, appraisal and production.

    This is additional to the public consultation which is required through the planning application. Regulatory bodies need to continue to clearly explain the strong regulations which have been set up to make sure that the industry is developed in a safe way — for people and for the environment. I am pleased to hear that the major regulatory bodies have been visiting communities where shale applications have been lodged, and have been working with local authorities and industry to better communicate the regulatory regime. Local communities are at the heart of the developing shale gas operations which will bring benefits for the whole nation.

    We must all continue to engage with the general public about the actions we are taking to enable shale development, and to challenge the myths and misconceptions about shale. We are taking action to make sure that the industry has the right conditions to succeed. With the potential for shale gas to support our energy security and to help create jobs and growth, the Government is understandably keen to press ahead and get exploration underway so that we can determine how much shale gas there is and how much we may be to use.

    Doing this requires close partnership working between planning authorities, the industry, regulators and local communities. In August my Department and the Department for Communities and Local Government issued a joint policy statement stating that planning authorities should deal with applications for shale within the statutory time-frame of 16 weeks or risk being identified as underperforming.

    Need for Gas

    The Communities Secretary will actively consider calling in applications to make a decision if the local council does not do it within the timeframe, and all appeals for shale development will be prioritised and dealt with as quickly as possible. We need to tackle the issue of extensive planning delays head on if we are to reap the benefits which shale gas offers to our energy security, jobs and wider economy.

    And firms that want to explore for shale need to be confident that their applications will be processed in a timely way and examined purely on a planning basis. We are addressing a problem that causes unnecessary delays and benefits no-one.

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    This does not change the processes that a shale application has to go through. There will still need to be strict environmental and health assessments. This is just about speeding up the initial stage. All this is on top of measures already in place to make sure that the UK has the most competitive tax regime in Europe for shale gas. Operators or potential operators have the regulatory and fiscal environment they need to enable developments.

    But while we make sure the shale industry has the tools it needs, we must also make sure that those that most affected by shale gas activities see benefits too. We strongly believe that communities hosting shale gas developments should share in the financial returns they generate.

    Even if you find an interesting posting, see if you can also speak with someone in the company. Most positions are filled through warm contacts as opposed to cold calls , so your chances are much better off if you have a connection within the hiring company.

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    After all your self-reflection and research, you should be well-positioned for your interviews, but there is still work to do to prepare. Before you dive into the preparation, make sure to congratulate yourself for being asked to interview. The best way to guarantee future job search success is to excel in your current job, but there are also some other good practices to keep in mind. Don't have an account? Sign up today and join a community that's changing the world. Memorialize your weekend with uniquely designed Net Impact water bottles and t-shirts.

    Skip to main content. Find a Chapter. Step 1: Reflect Ask yourself: What causes are you passionate about? On the flip side, issues that make you angry or upset can also offer a path to making change. What do you value in a job? What type of work energizes you? Step 2: Explore Here are some places to start: Browse our Impact Career Profiles to access overviews of impact fields popular among Net Impact members. Step 3. Target Ultimately, you should be able to describe your target in one or two sentences with key examples. If so, which city? Want an international experience?

    For whom? Not sure? Go back to the Research stage. Or are you more comfortable in a large, established company with systems and processes in place? Do you like influencing people through language? Communications may be for you.