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Jonnie breaks down a conspiracy theory. Tim talks to God about his golf clubs. Tiger wins the Tour Championship. What does Freight even do here? What is John Cougar saying? Freight and Dustin wrestle backstage during the show. Is Jerry Seinfeld universally funny? Tim gets second-handed compliments from fans. Aaaaand practical joke stories galore. People keep calling Caleb Tommy Fleetwood. Caleb wants to get Carey the bus driver on the show. What do we do for the th episode? This week, we have drops. Bob puts ketchup on burritos.

Bob is terrified of heights. Aaaand Freight nearly falls out of his chair.

How U.S. Foreign Policy Is Being Shaped by Trump’s Tweets

Gerber loves facts about himself. Freight likes the band Skittles. Tim tries to clap his own hand. Is Office Space funny? Pooz hates when Caleb listens to metal music. Naked plays too much FartKnife. Tim compares golf to the lying adulteress woman in Proverbs.

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Aaaand the bus has a minor major malfunction. This week, the crew wants to know what percentage of the listeners have seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Twitter will settle the debate. Caleb creeps on Bob and his girlfriend at the show. The bell ringing is out of control.

Everyone is fascinated by Judge Judy. Tim makes a new friend at the eyewear store. Aaaaand Tim knows all of the words to Schoolhouse Rock songs.

This week, the listeners know the show better than we do. Smiley is back to self-promoting on the show. Goose makes his first appearance on the show. Aaaaaand Tim wants to create a rating system for the listeners gifts. Freight is a gift party dictator. Jonnie joins the crew as the neighbor kid on Christmas morn. How old is Monty?

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Tim thinks Jonnie has a thumb head. This week, the crew encounters a twenty-two year old dog named Nigel! Jonnie reveals that his favorite PB guest is Dustin. Are there too many superhero movies?

Aaaaand what are comics allowed to take jabs at? This week, Tim roasts Caleb for going to the hospital on the road. The crew gives relationship advice to a listener. Tim steps in the net as the comedy goalie. Dustin shares his in-depth knowledge of Paw Patrol. Caleb experiences a guy at the gym that is out of control.

Tim wants to build his own gym with special etiquette. And Monty receives an embroidered towel as a gift from a fan.

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This week, the bus stinks. Tim is struggling to stay awake during movies. Caleb thinks the squatty potty is a game changer. Freight is King Kong with a plethora of nans, and everybody thinks he should give a hotel comfort masterclass. Finally, the crew wants to get dressed up to see Luke Bryan at Busch Stadium. This week, Nekked aka Monty, aka Gerber, aka Kevin sits in! Tim has hot takes on Star Wars. Caleb thinks ranch can be used on everything.

Branyan's chicken finger feud continues. Caleb is unsure if a pepper is a fruit. Freight's fame pulls people away from Bob's table. And Tim is in a Gospel trans. This week, Olivia calls in unexpectedly to talk about her love life. Tim has had enough of the machine nesters at the gym. Bob thinks Naked looks like a giant baby.

How U.S. Foreign Policy Is Being Shaped by Trump’s Tweets

Caleb googles the definition of a hole. To be fair at both ends of this study, we did not include any shows with fewer than four episodes to calculate. By the way, we looked at just entertainment series only, so no sports or news programming. That eliminated all NFL games and shows like "60 Minutes. All ratings in this story come from Nielsen's "most current" data stream, which includes a week's worth of delayed viewing where available.

And spinoff "Young Sheldon" would have been No. After all these years, the revived sitcom is still "Must-see TV," based on its early Nielsen returns. Judging from its enviable viewership, you can't even tell the show's two biggest stars left before this current season.

Judge Judy Trades Her Signature Bob For A Ponytail & Twitter Is Being Unruly About It — LOOK!

Seth MacFarlane can thank Fox for a very gracious launch time slot after the NFL's opening Sunday game, which is why this drama yes, it's a drama makes the list. More like "Four Hours in the Time Slot. We can't make fun of this one, somehow still plugging along in its 28th actual year.

Yeah, this show has been on ABC since Also Read: Happy Halloween! It's a Friday show, but even Les Moonves can't save this one with a paperclip and some chewing gum.